15th Annual Fairview Area-Wide Freedom Celebration held tonight

Will Hogue

FAIRVIEW – Hundreds backed in and parked their vehicles around Fairview Community Park this Independence Day to watch the community’s annual fireworks display and take part in the 15th Annual Fairview Area-Wide Freedom Celebration.          

Families rolled out picnic blankets and lit sparklers in anticipation of the fireworks show. During the lead-up to the pyrotechnics, a live band, 5th Quarter, played a set full of praise and worship music.          

Just before the fireworks began, a different band, composed of marching band members, took the stage and played a rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.”          

“It is not just the fireworks that brings me out, why our family comes out,” said Melanie Walker, a Simcoe citizen. “I mean, the fireworks are amazing, and I’m sure they will be amazing this year, but that’s not the main reason. We come out because of the atmosphere.”          

Walker pointed to the families gathered for the celebration, the American flags waving and the general spirit of goodwill that seemed to coat the air as her favorite parts of the annual event.          

“You’ve got everyone here celebrating our great country, people just here to have fun. You have the Christian music and the preaching, you know, which helps to remind everyone what’s the most important thing, really,” she said. “This is what this day is all about.”