A poem written with love to my mother, Carolyn Vandiver

Cindy Vandiver

A poem written with love to my Mother, Carolyn Vandiver



Mama, so many times I've called your name and every time there came an answer just the same.

You always knew when something was wrong and with a few caring words, soon the problem was gone.

Mama, I know that you have always loved me because even in the worst of times your love was clear to see.

You were always steadfast in the things you would say and it kept me secure in believing in a truthful way.

Mama I remember you being there when I was sick.  You had the most loving touch that made healing come quick.  Just the tone of your voice seemed to make everything alright.  And you stayed close beside me till morning was light.

Mama, I will always need you even though I am grown because now I have a child and a second Grandchild coming along.

So Mama, the many times I will still call your name, I know each time there'll be an answer just the same.