UPDATE: CHS Principal Bouldin and Assistant Principal Stephens Placed on Administrative Leave


Photo: Dr. Elton Bouldin, left; Mr. Mark Stephens, right


CULLMAN – Cullman High School Principal Dr. Elton Bouldin and Assistant Principal Mark Stephens have been placed on administrative leave following their arrests yesterday for trespassing.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 20, Bouldin and Stephens turned themselves in to the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office following a complaint made by a student’s parent. The parent filed the report and then took that report to the magistrate’s office, where affidavits were sworn out. Warrants were then issued by the magistrate’s office. Sheriff Matt Gentry said late Wednesday evening that both men did turn themselves in, were booked and were then released all in a short period of time.

Dr. Susan Patterson, superintendent of Cullman City Schools, has just issued the following statement:

In an effort to serve the best interest of the school system and our personnel involved, Dr. Bouldin and Mr. Stephens have been placed on administrative leave pending the completion of the internal investigation. The Cullman City Schools Board Policy states:   "Administrative leave relieves the employee of regular work responsibilities pending resolution of the matters or circumstances that gave rise to the leave. Administrative leave is not disciplinary in nature or purpose and does not affect the employee’s compensation, benefits, tenure, or non-probationary status." We will continue to work together to accomplish the mission of Cullman High School, support our staff, and students. While these situations are always difficult, we want to seek the best resolution, and ensure the continued success of Cullman High.

Bouldin released the following statement last night:

Today the parent of a CHS student obtained two misdemeanor warrants from the Cullman County Sheriff Department.  One warrant alleges Criminal Trespass 3rd degree against Principal Dr. Elton Bouldin and Assistant Principal Mark Stephens.  The second warrant alleges Dr. Bouldin failed to report an incident of school violence to Superintendent Dr. Susan Patterson.  The accusations are not true.  However, misdemeanor warrants do not allow those accused an opportunity to respond to the charges prior to the court hearing.  Mr. Stephens and I look forward to our opportunity to provide accurate information on these two alleged incidences.

See a full background here: http://cullmansense.com/articles/2016/04/20/cullman-high-school-principal-and-assistant-principal-arrested-trespassing.

Documents received from the magistrate's office mid-day Thursday are attached. There are two documents for Bouldin and one document for Stephens.

We have redacted the names of the complainants as the child's name and identity will be compromised if left in the paperwork. This is standard procedure when dealing with cases involving juveniles.

Bouldin Complaint Crim Trespass by cullmansense


Bouldin Complaint Fail to Report by cullmansense


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