Spring Has Sprung at 4D Farm

Sharon Schuler Kreps
It’s a family place that brings out the kid in everyone.”
local parent Kayron Edwards


CULLMAN – On Friday and Saturday, March 25-26, 4D Family Farm was open to the public for its Spring Celebration. For the fourth year in a row, the family-run farm held multiple egg hunts, visits from the Easter Bunny and many other exciting games and activities.

“Everything is going great,” said Beth Daniel, farm owner. “The kids are having fun and the weather is just beautiful. We have been doing the Easter Celebration ever since we opened up the farm. We’ve always had the egg hunts and the Easter Bunny, but this year we added the hay ride to the egg hunt so the kids would be able to go on a hay ride,” she smiled.

The farm had many other things for kids to enjoy, like flying by the seat of their pants down an 80-ft slide and speeding down a 250-ft zipline. The gigantic jumping pillow proved to be one of the children’s favorites; they hopped and bounced from one end to the other. Pony rides were also available for an additional charge and several goats and sheep were there to pet and enjoy.

“A lot of places have the animals brought in for events, but our critters have been desensitized by my three boys so they are fine and roam around all over the place. The extra people don’t bother them a bit,” Daniel chuckled.

4D Farm is a great place for children to romp around in the fresh air. The family-friendly atmosphere makes it a nice getaway for people of all ages.   

“It’s a family place that brings out the kid in everyone,” said Kayron Edwards. “The admission price is great for the amount of activities they have there. My girls, nieces and nephew loved it.”

“I finally found a chair big enough for all my grands and myself,” chuckled Jellithia Dye as she sat in a gigantic chair with her grandchildren at the farm. “I had a great time at the 4D Farm today.”

“I liked the pony ride and the jumping pillow the best,” said 2-year-old Sydney. “The egg hunt was fun too. I found a lot of them!”

Fun at the farm will continue next Saturday, April 2. There won’t be any egg hunts or visits from the Easter Bunny, but all of the other activities and animals will be available to enjoy.

4D Farm is located at 7182 County Road 703. For more information, visit www.4dfamilyfarm.com or follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/4DFarm/.