UPDATE: New Bridge on Hwy. 278 and Co. Rd. 1147

Amy Leonard

Photo shows County Road 1147 (Old Highway 278) this morning, Tuesday, Feb. 16.

Update (Feb. 17): "For public safety, barriers and no trespassing signs were set up (yesterday) to keep people from walking on top of and at the base of the retaining wall. We advise foot traffic to remain clear of the areas indicated by signs and barriers while we develop a repair plan." – ALDOT representative

CULLMAN: UPDATE on New Bridge at U.S. Highway 278 West and County Road 1147: Several concerned readers contacted us this morning regarding mud and debris on County Road 1147 (Old Highway 278) under the bridge.

Per Cullman County EMA Director Phyllis Little: "(The) culvert on (the) east side of (the) bridge was stopped up yesterday and washed debris (leaves, mud, etc.) down across the road and onto the old bridge. The County Road Department was out there at 7:30 a.m. today (no one reported it yesterday) to clean up the mess. This is NOT related to the slip on the embankment that is being monitored by ALDOT."

In addition to the County Road Department and ALDOT, members of the Bethsadia Volunteer Fire Department were also on the scene.