Shake up by the AHSAA


CULLMAN – Wednesday was a highly anticipated day around the high school sports world, especially here in Cullman, with the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) issuing reclassifications and realignments for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 seasons.

The only area school to move classifications was St. Bernard, going from 1A to 2A for the first time in the school’s storied history. Cullman remained in 6A, followed by Fairview and West Point in 5A, Good Hope in 4A, Hanceville, Holly Pond and Vinemont in 3A and Cold Springs in 2A.

Football got its own realignment, separate from other sports. Here is a list of schools and regions:

  • Cullman 6A Region 7
  • West Point 5A Region 6
  • Fairview 5A Region 6
  • Good Hope 4A Region 6
  • Vinemont 3A Region 6
  • Hanceville 3A Region 6
  • Holly Pond 3A Region 6
  • Cold Springs 2A Region 7

The area realignments stack up like this for the other major sports, covering baseball, softball, basketball and volleyball:

  • Cullman 6A Area 14
  • West Point 5A Area 12
  • Fairview 5A Area 12
  • Good Hope 4A Area 10
  • Holly Pond 3A Area 11
  • Vinemont 3A Area 12
  • Hanceville 3A Area 12
  • Cold Springs 2A Area 13 (baseball, softball, basketball)
  • Cold Sprigs 2A Area 10 (volleyball)
  • St. Bernard 2A Area 13

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