St. Bernard to Offer Competitive Bowling

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CULLMANCoach Regina Willoughby is looking forward to coaching the first bowling teams at St. Bernard since the Prep School opened in 1983. St. Bernard Prep will be among the three schools in Cullman County to compete in the 2015-16 Class 1A Division Bowling sanctioned by the Alabama High School Athletic Association this winter.

Bowling teams have been granted access to Cullman Bowling Center as the home venue for both St. Bernard Girls and Boys team.

Anthony Cockrell, who serves as manager at Cullman Bowling Center, said they are offering this service to local teams free of charge for the first season, and will be providing balls and shoes as needed.

“Of course, if students wish to purchase their own balls and shoes, it’s like with any other sport- there will be a minimum and a maximum charge,” Cockrell said. “Prices can range anywhere from $80-$300.”

Under the AHSAA rules, Varsity teams are allowed 18 dates and five regular season tournaments. St. Bernard plans to host a varsity level team of girls and boys consisting of 8 players on each team.

Five members will be bowling in the pit and three will remain alternates.

Bowling Coach, Regina Willoughby, said this is another excellent move for St. Bernard.

“The bowling facility will furnish all space and supplies. As part of their bowling uniform, students will be required to wear a collared St. Bernard Shirt.” 

“I am ready to get the season underway in October. Once school starts back we will get a schedule together, and have fun,” Willoughby said.

Anyone wishing to assist the students with a donation to purchase shirts, bags, wrist guards, shoes, and travel may make a donation to St. Bernard Prep School and designate it for Bowling.

“In the name of St. Bernard, I wish to thank Cullman Bowling Center for the use of their facilities, Willoughby said.

“We encourage our family and friends to make good use of the bowling lanes to thank them as well for supporting our schools.”

AHSAA discontinued girls bowling in 1977, but last year offered it again as a sanctioned sport for boys and girls.