Smith Lake Park Cancels Firework Show, Possible Labor Day Make-up Show in the Works

Mary Standifer/CullmanSense

TRIMBLESmith Lake Park’s firework show has been cut short due to unsafe conditions. At approximately 9:10 p.m., a firework appeared to launch close to the ground. All pyrotechnics immediately ceased.

Park officials announced to the crowd that the fire department would spend approximately 15 minutes evaluating the equipment, with hopes of continuing the final half of the show. Unfortunately, the program was not able to continue as park officials hoped.

“What had happened is the main tube, the big tube, blew. When that tube blew, it laid a lot of the fireworks [and] the stands and stuff over. We went in and made entry and deemed it unsafe, and had to cancel the show,” said Captain of Tremble Fire Department, John Calvert. 

At approximately 9:50 p.m., the fire department began the process of deactivating and removing the remaining fireworks.

“What they’re doing is all the ones that have fallen over and all the ones that are still live, they’re going in and making sure that they’re safe and then they’re deactivating them, and then they’re taking them out,” explained one anonymous firefighter on the scene.

The ordeal caused some confusion to park goers. “The fireworks were shooting; I guess something fell over. It shot across the ground. They were trying to get it fixed; they told us it would be about 15 more minutes, and then nobody told us it was over, but apparently it is,” explained eye-witness Amber Walls, “Nobody told anybody it was over. They didn’t tell anybody down here that it was over.”​

Although some park goers were disappointed, Captain Calvert had some good news to share. “I can tell you that the lady that’s in charge of this company has offered a Labor Day make-up show, so maybe we can make that happen.”