Fourth Annual Fireworks Festival at Heritage Park Brings Families Together

File Photo/CullmanSense
We’re out here to provide the community with a really fun, safe way to celebrate the Fourth of July and to serve people and show them the love of Jesus.”
Auston Neal, Desperation Church Member

CULLMAN – On Saturday, July 4th, 2015 Desperation Church in Cullman presented its fourth annual Fireworks Festival at Heritage Park. Although, it rained on and off throughout the evening, a couple of hundred people showed up to celebrate Independence Day. 

The family-friendly event gave residents and their children a safe place to observe a fireworks display. 

CullmanSense Reporter Hannah Ward captures a glimpse of the fireworks display at Heritage Park.Were your holiday plans rained out? Let us know how you celebrated in the comments!

Posted by CullmanSense on Sunday, July 5, 2015

Desperation Church's Pastor Andy Heis stated, “We love to bring the entire community together for one purpose; we love to see families come together. It brings excitement to our people and honestly another reason is if there is anyone out there that doesn’t have a church home and maybe they come to this, maybe they’ll come try it out, give their life to Christ, have a complete life change. We’ve seen it happen several times. I love America too, I want to celebrate America; it’s not just about us.” 

According to Auston Neal a member of Desperation Church, “We’re out here to provide the community with a really fun, safe way to celebrate the Fourth of July and to serve people and show them the love of Jesus.”

The church set up bounce castles and slides for children along with a variety of games for all ages. Music played throughout the day and created a fun outdoor atmosphere.

Melissa Prudhome, who had three children with her, stated, “It’s mainly for the kids and to see them have a good time.” 

“It's just a good family experience, this is our third year. We enjoy it,” claimed Jeremiah Smith. Smith enjoyed the festivities with his daughter and dog.

Tanya Beard, a Fairview resident, stated, “It’s my first time, we usually go to Fairview, but they canceled that tonight. So we had an opportunity to go here, some of our family attends Desperation so we’re really excited to be able to come and still have fireworks on the Fourth.”

The student department of Desperation Church set up a tent for attendees to learn more about the church and its activities.

“The tent is for our students, we have this youth weekend coming up. We’re calling it Tribal Wars Weekend,” Neal said. “We have these different tribes, like Cullman City, Vinemont, Wallace, Fairview and Jasper. A bunch of different groups and we’re gonna have all these cool, fun competitions. So really it’s just a more fun way to share the gospel is what it comes down to. We’re looking to reach students so anyway that we can do that we’re in for it.”

The day ended with a bang as people covered the Heritage Park grounds and admired the fireworks. Thanks to Desperation Church, Cullman residents and those from surrounding areas were able to enjoy the holiday with their families once again.

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