Cullman Regional Airport: Flying in Commerce for Cullman County

Ben Harrison
Having a thriving regional airport makes Cullman more accessible and more efficient to do business with.”
Mayor Max A. Townson

CULLMANCullman Regional Airport was built in the 1950s due to the hard work of the City and County of Cullman. Since then it has flown in revenue for Cullman County from all over the United States. Folsom Field was named after the airport's greatest supporter, the 42nd Governor of the state of Alabama Jim Folsom, who was also a Cullman native.  

Cullman Regional Airport is Wallace State Community College’s Aviation Flight School base. It is one of the few and longest running FAA 141 Programs in Alabama.

Ben Harrison, General Manager at Cullman Regional Airport, stated, “They can take you all through your ATP, which is your Airline Transport Pilot License. They’re here all the time because they have to learn to fly in all kinds of weather conditions. It’s a complete flight school, all the way up to multi-engine. It’s a very good program. There are an absolute ton of flight school operations up here, and it’s good because there’s such a big demand for pilots. In the next ten years half of the people that are flying commercial airlines right now will be retired.” Cullman Regional Airport is assisting in preparing for that future need.

The airport is also home to the Air Evac base and the Alabama State Trooper’s North Alabama base. These two bases ensure essential health and security to Cullman and surrounding counties.

Mayor Max A. Townson stated, “The Cullman Regional Airport has been important to our community for many years, but it’s never had more of an impact on our community than it does now. Having a thriving regional airport makes Cullman more accessible and more efficient to do business with, which is vital in recruiting new industrial and retail business. The airport is also a tremendous attraction with the outstanding success of the air show a few years ago and its role in the annual Veterans Day Program. The future looks bright for the Cullman Regional Airport, and we are excited to see this tremendous asset continue to grow and expand.”


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Posted by Cullman Regional Airport on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

There are multiple projects around the field that need to be taken care of, but will take time since most will be funded through grants. Still, the Airport has grown and expanded a great deal since its birth.

To say Cullman Regional Airport is vital to economic growth in Cullman County might be an understatement.

According to Kenneth Walker, Chairman of the Airport Board, “The airport plays a vital role in the community and is a valuable tool for economic development – both industrial and retail. The city and county have contributed to the airport and matched grant funds to make it a modern, state of the art facility. We do this because we know its importance to the vitality of our community. It is a developed corporate tool, recreation facility, and emergency operation base all wrapped into one.”

Harrison explains the reason the Airport is an obvious resource for businesses, “You can be in Orlando and have to come up here for a meeting. Where that would usually be a three-day trip it's now turned into a one-day or even a half day trip depending on how long the meeting is.”  

“Each corporation here in town, the majority of them, in some form have used the airport. Whether it be someone visiting them, like a supplier, or their own company visiting them. Cargo is the biggest thing, especially these plants here when they run just in time inventory. If there is a problem, they can get it a lot quicker than having it trucked it. It happens quite a bit, and that’s what we need to be there for.”

The Airport offers jet fuel and AV gas. The 5,500-foot runway accommodates the landing of most private and corporate aircrafts, and the self-serve gas pumps ensure 24-hour service to all who fly in. Currently, the airport’s corporate and T-hangars are at full capacity.

The American style café located inside the Airport serves breakfast and lunch. The café hours are 8 a.m. -2 p.m. Thursday – Saturday and 10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Sundays.

The Cullman Regional Airport is located at 231 County Road 1360 Vinemont, AL 35179.