Meet Local Artist Shaina Cruz, Airbrush Extraordinaire


CULLMAN – Cullman is full of hidden gems of artistic ability; one of these gems is Shaina Cruz’s airbrushing service. With an impressive portfolio and years of hands-on experience, Cruz can give a number items a personal artistic touch.

Cruz has been airbrushing for virtually her entire life; her father, Rick Smith, has been an airbrush artist for almost 30 years and passed along the trade to her when she was very young. “I would play around with his airbrushes, and learned how to paint with them at an early age. However, I didn’t really start airbrushing professionally until 2006, when I took a year off from college and moved to Gatlinburg with my dad,” explains Cruz, “While living there, I would assist my dad at his shop, and eventually got a spot in another store on my own. It was hard work, as airbrushed souvenir shirts in Gatlinburg are pretty popular, and I was always busy, but I enjoyed it and learned a lot.”

Cruz’s father was a well-known airbrush artist in Cullman before he moved to Gatlinburg. When Cruz returned to Cullman, many of her father’s former customers began contacting her to get her father to design items. With her father’s blessing, Cruz began where he left off by painting items for his former customers.


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Posted by Airbrushing by Shaina on Friday, April 3, 2015

While Cruz’s main focus is airbrushing, she also enjoys drawing, painting, and graphic and web design. With a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama in Art & Digital Media, she has had the opportunity to take classes in a wide array of visual arts. Some of her graphic designs for T-shirts have been sold in major retail stores such as Hot Topic, Spencers, and Old Navy. “I actually went to Old Navy and bought a shirt with my art on it, which was a really surreal and exciting experience,” said Cruz. Many of her designs have also been featured on the popular online store,

One of Cruz's favorite projects is a mural in a child’s bedroom in Orlando, Florida. “I painted three of the walls with a jungle scene. It was way more work than I anticipated, and I spent a week hanging out in a bedroom with too many paint fumes, but the end result was worth it. It really brightened up the room and the family loved it,” explained Cruz.

“I always want my customers to be happy with their work, and there’s no better feeling than seeing them smile when I show them the finished product. I strive to do the best I can on each and every item, because I want everyone to be completely happy with my work,” said Cruz.

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