CPD Chief on RTS Arrests: ‘This Year is Actually Lower Than Some of the Other Rock the Souths’

Noah Chandler/CullmanSense
Cullman Tribune File Photo
All in all we felt like it was a very successful concert.”
Kenny Culpepper, Cullman City Police Chief

CULLMAN – The Cullman Police Department, assisted by the Cullman County Sheriff's Department, had 16 total arrests surrounding the Rock the South music festival. The relation of a couple of the outside DUI arrests to the festival was hard to determine because they occurred a mile or two away from the event.

According to Cullman City Police Chief Kenny Culpepper, “We had 12 arrests on Friday night, seven on the inside, and five on the outside. Saturday night we had four arrests. Primarily they were disorderly conduct. In other words, they were fighting with somebody else. We charged them with a public intoxication and a disorderly conduct. Normally you’ll have a harder night and an easier night. Generally one night is more family oriented, and one has more of a hard edge. This year is actually lower than some of the other Rock the Souths. Our highest arrests total one year was 33. All in all, we felt like it was a very successful concert. A couple of the outside arrests were people who were DUI.”  

Listen to Cullman City Police Chief Kenny Culpepper’s Interview:

The Cullman County Sheriff's Office would like to thank the patrol deputies, detention deputies and other CCSO personnel who helped make sure Rock the South was a safe event for all those who attended.

Posted by Cullman Sheriff on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cullman Fire Rescue, Cullman EMS, and the North Alabama Medical Reserve Corp worked the First Aid Tent for the event. They had a total of 80 patients during the two-day festival; officials transported 20 to the hospital. 

Medical Events Inside the First Aid Tent:

  • 28 Heat-Related Illnesses
  • 8 General Sicknesses
  • 5 Traumas
  • 7 ETOHs – Alcohol Related Illness
  • 7 Transports to the Hospital

Medical Events Outside the First Aid Tent:

  • 32 Basic Life Support/Advanced Life Support
  • 13 Transports to the Hospital
  • Numerous first aid incidents such as bandaging and body cooling that did not require a higher level of care

Culpepper stated, “We would like to thank everybody. We asked and received assistance from the State Troopers, Cullman County Sheriff’s Department and the State Fire Marshall, all of them contributed law enforcement to help us. Cullman County Sheriff’s Department was there the whole time. Then the Fire Department had EMS and the Health Department helping them. It was something that we would not be able to do just as a city entity; police and fire. We would just be overwhelmed or stretched pretty thin. We were stretched pretty thin anyway, but getting that assistance from the other agencies really makes it to where it flows pretty smooth, and you don’t burn all your guys out.” 

All organizations performed their duties in ensuring a safe festival and will now be preparing for next year’s event.