Religious Profile: Daystar Church’s Pastor Jerry Lawson

Jerry Lawson
Although I developed a deep relationship with God as a teenager, I never wanted to be a preacher."
Pastor Jerry Lawson, Daystar Church

CULLMANJerry Lawson is a familiar face at Daystar Church and with good reason – he is their beloved pastor and one of the church's founders. Lawson loves his congregation dearly and strives to show, by example, Christ's love for them and everyone he meets. 

Lawson grew up in Eufaula, Alabama and graduated high school with honors. He met his beautiful bride, Leslie (Whitehead) in a small church and they later married while they were both in college.

College life began at Troy University where he studied for degrees in both Music and Engineering; however, before long his plans changed forever.

Lawson's change of heart took him to a private Bible college, Lee University, where he graduated with honors and a double major in Music and Pastoral Ministries. He then went to Seminary at Southwest Christian University in Oklahoma City.

"Although I developed a deep relationship with God as a teenager, I never wanted to be a preacher," he chuckled. "In fact, when people told me I would be a preacher some day, I just laughed inside, while politely declining their words outside. I was going to be an engineer, build big things, make lots of money and be insanely generous to the work of Christ. But in my freshman year at Troy I really came to know the meaning of King David's words in Psalm 139:5 ‘You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me'. It was like I couldn't get away from God until I surrendered my plan for His," he shook his head and smiled. "And when I finally did, this amazing burden lifted off of my shoulders and I just knew that this would be my life's calling, and I have never looked back."

All I'm sayin is that I have the best Church / Pastor in the whole world and you're welcome to be a part of this awesome church!! Stop by this Sunday @ 8:30am, 9:45am or 11:15! 󾌸

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Lawson was a youth pastor for about ten years before he moved to Cullman and founded Daystar Church. He started with less than a hundred people in a converted grocery store in Dodge City in January of 2002. Today Daystar has more than three-thousand members spread across three campuses, Good Hope, Hartselle, and Madison.

"There are so many challenges that I am really forced to always rely on God because I know that I could never do this task with my own abilities," he explained. "But I guess one of the greatest challenges would be just staying true to the central theme of the Bible. When you get down to the basics of it, Christ's words are all about love. There are so many temptations to be pulled into political and religious debates over scripture, but I try to stay on the message of love. God loves everyone, and He loved them before they could ever do anything love-worthy. He chose to love us knowing how sinful, unfit and ashamed we would all be, and that doesn't change one thing about His love for us. Knowing this, I strive every day to just love His children with that same radical love," he humbly smiled.

Pastor Lawson could talk for days about the wonderful people throughout the congregation. Positively he has found his calling in performing the Lord's work in all aspects of life. 

"Daystar Church exists for community transformation through the love and power of Jesus," he explained. "This is our mission. Love and power are the one-two punch that transforms lives and the community. We believe that Christ has enough power to forgive and cleanse anyone, but the only way a person will experience the power is if we invite them in through the love," he grinned.

"Love is the doorway to the power of God. So we are committed to just radically loving everyone we can so that some of them will step into a relationship with God that will powerfully redefine their lives and their future. Your life may have been a living hell, and you think there's no hope for you, but we say, ‘Come to Daystar – we'll love the Hell out of you!'"

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