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    Sister city connection

    Claudia and William Lowery visited the Cullman County Museum last October when the City was putting up the German Christmas Pyramid. They got their...

    Friends of Frankweiler welcome Eiflers back to Cullman

    Husband and wife professor/physician team, Dr. Dietmar Eifler and Dr. Reingard Eifler are members of the Friends of Cullman in Cullman’s sister city, Frankweiler,...

    Willkommen! Cullman hosts visitors from sister city, Frankweiler, Germany

    Visitors from Frankweiler arrived at the Cullman County Museum late Thursday afternoon.  L-R: Sigrid Rong, Klaus Feindel, Verena Rong and Karl Fiscus (W.C. Mann...

    Friends of Frankweiler donate to German playground to honor Margot Tanner

    Adults and kids volunteered to work on the new playground.  Volunteers and local contributions have reduced the cost of the project by an estimated...

    Friends of Frankweiler preserves ties to the old country

    CULLMAN - Cullman's German heritage organization Friends of Frankweiler (FoF) held its regular meeting Sunday afternoon at the Cullman County Museum. For those who may...