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    Friends of Frankweiler welcome Eiflers back to Cullman

    Husband and wife professor/physician team, Dr. Dietmar Eifler and Dr. Reingard Eifler are members of the Friends of Cullman in Cullman’s sister city, Frankweiler,...

    Playground funded in part by Cullman contributions complete in Frankweiler

    FRANKWEILER, GERMANY - The Frankweiler office of the Palatine Forest Association (PWV Frankweiler) in Germany has released new photos of a recently-completed playground funded...

    Cullman to host ‘Friends of Cullman’ from Frankweiler in the spring

    The Friends of Cullman group / Photo courtesy Sigrid Rong/Friends of Cullman FRANKWEILER, GERMANY - The Friends of Cullman, counterpart to Cullman’s Friends of Frankweiler,...