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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

    Editorial: Don’t feed the ducks

    A few years ago, I was employed in an area which harbored a substantial feral cat colony, 20 or so, with kittens. I was disgusted after showing up to work one day, only to discover they had been poisoned and suffered a brutal death.  It...

    Editorial: ‘It’s just like this for now’

    I heard a phrase the other day that sat with me for a while before it really began to settle. “It’s just like this for now.” It sounds quite simple when you hear it for the first time. “It’s just like this for now.”...

    Editorial: Has Generation X been lost in the shuffle?

    Over the past several years, there’s been plenty of chatter about generational differences between the boomers, millenials and Generation Z. It's been mostly insults and finger pointing as those involved in the ongoing conversation duke it out over who is to blame for everything...

    Editorial: I’m not pregnant and yes, I am sure

    One of the most awkward interactions that a person can experience is when an unsuspecting woman is asked if she is pregnant or when she is due. I thought by now that everybody just knew that pregnancy is not a subject to mention unless...

    Editorial: Summer recommended reading list

    Something magical happens when you first reach for a book. The possibilities become endless and worlds you knew nothing about become visible- fallen cities, lost loves, thrilling challenges around every corner. This summer, allow yourself to explore a book or two--whether it be to...

    Editorial: A love letter to my son

    As I strolled around the Cracker Barrel gift shop Monday night, I passed a display that’s been there for a long time; one that I never really thought about. It was a display of T-shirts, cups and other items representing the branches of the...

    Editorial: Don’t honk at me! I live here!

    I’ve noticed that as the City of Cullman grows, so do the unexpected consequences and problems. One of those problems is the traffic on the incredibly narrow Highway 31 and those who are choosing residential streets as their alternate route. Over the past year...

    Editorial: The policies of starting over – Asking for help

    When it comes to writing, I have always enjoyed getting things done. I love the feeling that comes when I have completed a piece and feel satisfied by the result. Everyone has something that provides that little release. You are proud of whatever it...

    Editorial: The policies of starting over pt. 2

    Change is a largely evolving concept. Occasionally, we are swept up in this giant wave of newness and gives us a feeling of being dipped into ice water. Initially, when submerged in freezing water, the human body has what is known as a “cold...

    She Reads: ‘One Step Behind’ by Lauren North

    Any time you open a new book, you are introduced to a world of endless possibilities. There are a thousand--no, a million different places that stories could take you. As local libraries begin to reopen at full capacity and access to hands-on literature becomes...