PREP SPORTS: ‘The community will always have your back’: Cold Springs’ Josh Winfrey reflects on Eagle years

Cold Springs senior Josh Winfrey. (Nick Griffin/The Cullman Tribune)

BREMEN, Ala. — Cold Springs’ senior Josh Winfrey played multiple sports in high school and had a great career. He talked about one of his favorite memories, plus some of his favorite awards. He had a blast playing with so many great players and learned some important things from a couple of them.

“My favorite memory playing sports is winning area last baseball season. We were the first team in thirty years at Cold Springs to win area. My favorite awards during my time playing sports were being All-County four times in three different sports,” Winfrey said. “During my career, I played with many great players. Playing baseball with Brodee Bartlett helped me become a better player and teammate. Playing football with Matt Williams taught me to never give up and to keep on pushing. Whenever I needed help with something, they were always there to encourage me to be great.”

Josh said he played for some great coaches over the years and he took away so much from them.

“One of the best coaches I’ve ever had is coach Voce. He’s a great person to be around. He will never give up on us, no matter how bad a game or practice is. He knows how great we can be. He pushes us to be the best we can be. What I learned from him is to always put the team first before yourself, and to never lay on the field, no matter how bad you’re hurting, because you will be letting your team down and the fans that paid money to come watch you play,” he said. “Another one of my favorite coaches is coach Chafin. He will always put the team first over anything. If someone needs a new bat or a new glove, he will buy it out of his own pocket. I learned a lot from him in the past five years. He taught me the right way to bat and helped me with my swing. I am forever grateful for the great coaches I have had during my sports career.”

Josh will miss a lot about playing sports at Cold Springs. There was a special game that he was a part of that he will never forget and felt so blessed to get to play in front of a great and special crowd.

“I will always remember the great memories and the unbreakable bonds playing at Cold Springs. I will miss all of my coaches that have taught me so many different things throughout the years. I will also miss playing alongside all of my classmates, and especially Matt Williams,” he said. “One of my favorite games that I was a part of was the 2023 homecoming football game. The atmosphere of the community was like a dream. The fans were cheering and standing up the whole time. Playing in front of the crowd at Cold Springs will always be one of my greatest memories. The community will always have your back, no matter how good or bad you are playing. No matter how big or how loud the crowd is, I will always be grateful for everyone that is there supporting.”

He made some great high school memories during his time as an Eagle. Cold Springs will always have a special place in his heart. He will remember a couple of great things about being there but will deeply miss being an Eagle next year.

“My favorite high school memories are getting to go to school to see all of your classmates and to make new friends,” he said. “Cold Springs is a special place to me, because everyone is treated as a family. The community of Cold Springs might be little, but the way everyone supports each other makes it huge. I will always remember the great memories I have made going to Cold Springs and the many friends I made. I will miss all of my teachers I have made throughout my time at Cold Springs and especially my classmates.”

He gave some advice to the students that will be starting high school in August, plus he talked about being a role model for a lot of younger players and students.

“Some advice to the students that will be starting high school in August is to never be scared of what anyone says about you. Participate in all that you can: sports, cheer, band, and other activities. Try putting yourself out there to make friends and unbeatable bonds. Never take time for granted, because as soon as you think you have all the time in the world, it will all be over in the blink of an eye. I want to say good luck to all of the upcoming high schoolers. Just remember the sky is the limit, so if you dream to become something or someone one day, never give up on your dream.”

He added,

“It is very important to be a role model to the younger athletes/students, because growing up, everyone need a role model to push them to be great and to achieve their dreams. My role model is my dad. He has taught me everything I know. He introduced sports to me when I was only two years ago, and I have loved competing ever since. He pushes me to be a great leader, on and off the field, because he knows what I’m capable of. He is the most hardworking man I have ever met, and I hope, one day, I can be half the man that he is.”

He was in a couple of clubs in high school and learned so much from that experience. He learned a lot about yourself during his high school days and gave some advice to those people that want to be where he’s at right now.

“Throughout high school, I have been a FCCLA member for three years and an FFA member for three years as well. That experience was great. In FCCLA, I learned how to cook, sew, and plan events. In FFA, I learned how to build things, plant crops, and weld,” he said. “I learned that my mind might tell me to give up and to not go anymore, but I never stop going. To the athletes and students that are wanting to make something out of themselves, never give up on yourself. Always push yourself to your max limit, and when you push yourself to that, keep going.”

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