Cullman’s Truth in Nature chapter calls for volunteer outdoorsmen to mentor young men

Young men participating in the local Cullman chapter of Truth in Nature sharpen their carpentry skills by building picnic tables. (Truth in Nature)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Truth in Nature, a nationwide outdoor ministry, has a simple but powerful mission: to support young men from fatherless and single-parent homes by fostering a connection with nature, community and faith. The local Cullman chapter, led by Program Director Brian Burchett, plays a crucial role in achieving this mission through a variety of outdoor activities designed to mentor and guide these young individuals.

“Truth in Nature is an outdoor ministry that exists to reach, inspire, support and engage young men from fatherless, single-parent homes. Our goal is to help boys understand their purpose as Christian men and to help break the fatherless cycle in local communities across our nation,” shared Jeff Davis, executive director of Truth in Nature.

Davis went further by sharing the program’s core activities, “Truth in Nature utilizes things a father and son do in the outdoors like hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, canoeing, archery and more to engage and mentor the fatherless boys we serve.  During our weekend-based group mentoring programs each month we engage the boys in their faith and share our Christian faith with them to point them to a relationship with Jesus.”

The inception of the Cullman chapter traces back to a God-led calling felt by Burchett, who was moved to act after hearing about Truth in Nature during a church service in 2019. Since then, the chapter has offered its services throughout various venues in Cullman, including private lands and public areas like Smith Lake, making the programs accessible and inclusive.

Now, more than ever, the local Cullman chapter has a need: more Christian outdoorsmen to volunteer to mentor the young men engaged in the program.

“Since the inception of the Cullman chapter, we have always had a need for mentors to engage with our boys. The more mentors we have the more boys we can accept into the program. Our ratio is one mentor for every three boys. We are looking to grow the chapter to engage as many fatherless boys as possible. So, more mentors mean more boys we can serve in Cullman and surrounding communities,” Davis stated.

Prospective mentors are required to submit an application, undergo a criminal background check and complete a one-hour online Ministry Safe training course. Typically, the commitment involves volunteering for one Saturday or a Friday evening and Saturday each month.

Prospective mentors are expected to be comfortable in outdoor settings and eager to impart Christian values and leadership skills to the youth. All necessary equipment and property arrangements are provided with no specific skillsets required for the prospective mentors.

“The main thing we are looking for is Christian men who can participate in outdoor activities. You have to be comfortable in an outdoor setting. Most importantly, we are looking for men who are seeking to teach the next generation of men about Jesus and what it means to lead as a Christian man,” Davis stated.

For families with boys aged 12 to 18, Truth in Nature offers a year-round mentoring program, entirely free of charge, funded by local community partners. Boys can stay in the program every year up until they graduate high school.

For those interested in more information on how to apply to be a mentor or enroll a boy in the program, contact Brian Burchett at or email For all other information, visit

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