‘This is what education is about’

Vinemont High School students Braiden Denny, left, and Bryant Curvin, right, are the duo behind Good Ol’ Boys Lawncare. (Vinemont High School)

Local sophomores launch summer business

VINEMONT, Ala. –  Two Vinemont High School students have decided to take their summer plans into their own hands and start a business with the help of their teacher. Bryant Curvin and Braiden Denny have launched Good Ol’ Boys Lawncare.

The students first approached their teacher, Technology Coach Mindy Conquest, about the appropriate steps to get the business going with advertisements and even down to the uniforms they will wear. 

“This is what education is about,” Conquest said, “students finding what interests them (and) taking the initiative to start a summer job.”

The educator gave the boys a thorough rundown of some of the aspects of taking on such a big project – not only about advertising and uniforms, but also work ethic, client information storage and organization and performance. 

Conquest shared a strong message with the boys, stating, “You cannot go back and create a first impression, and anything tied to your name needs to be done to the very best of your ability.”

If anything, Conquest said, she believes this journey will instill more than work ethic into the students turned workers; pride in their work and the desired outcome, as well as pride in themselves and their accomplishments, are significant prizes they will take home as well, proving that education is not only accomplished in the classroom.

“Don’t get me wrong, they need basics as well as a variety of subjects in order to be well educated, but I believe high school education needs to be more tailored around student interests (and) drives,” she said. “We (Cullman County Schools) already do a pretty good job with this. These 10th graders are taking an initiative and this is what makes my heart happy.”

Good Ol’ Boys Lawncare can be reached by phone or text at 256-887-6681 or 256-869-8844. Services offered are mowing, weed eating, edging and cleaning via blower.

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