Nightmares on the streets of Cullman

1546 Warnke Road NW boasts an extensive Halloween display, one that takes months to prepare. (Cheyenne Sharp)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Halloween- a day of the year when candy is handed out freely, knocking on a stranger’s door is encouraged and nobody bats an eye at approaching a bloodied chainsaw murderer. For most, Halloween is a day or week filled with festivals, costumes and spooky attractions designed to kick adrenaline into high gear; for a handful of Cullman homes, Halloween is a lifestyle, something to prepare for year-round. Ordinary residents may decorate their porches with pumpkins and bones, a headstone display or a hoard of zombies, but these homeowners elevate the Halloween game, and set up spooks and scares for the whole community to drive by and sample.  

1546 Warnke Road NW  

1546 Warnke Road NW boasts an extensive Halloween display, one that takes months to prepare. (Cheyenne Sharp) 

Caution tape marks the scene where jack-o-lanterns and goblins reside, waiting to spook passersby. This Halloween display contains oversized spiderwebs, and creepy inflatables varying from the grinning Cheshire cat to possessed trees waiting to devour a soul. With over 100 decorative pieces, there is something for all at this family friendly fright fest.  

1550 Warnke Road NW  

1550 Warnke Road NW is home to ghosts and goblins. (Cheyenne Sharp) 

Two houses down, the threshold is guarded with a shrieking creature and evil clowns share warnings from the windows, telling cautionary tales of those who dared enter and never to return. Families of ghosts surround the perimeter, ensuring the mayhem of the night stays contained within. Vampire cats patrol the drive, deterring any mischief not wreaked by their owners. 

704 Fifth St. SE 

704 Fifth St. SE hosts a Halloween “Carnevil,” daring anyone who is brave enough to enter. (Cheyenne Sharp) 

If crossing over to the other side of town is not scary enough, a Halloween “Carnevil” has been fabricated to frighten friends from the community. Desiccated pets line the walkway entering the Carnevil, as a wicked clown hangs from the rafters. At the center of the attraction sits a table, surrounded by the evil hosts of the evening, dining on the desecrated remains of disrespectful guests. Blood spatters drip, an unfortunate product of their holiday meal.  

710 Eighth Ave. SE  

710 Eighth Ave. SE takes passersby into the underworld with Alice, Rabbit, Mad Hatter and brothers, TweedleDee and TweedleDum. (Cheyenne Sharp) 

A children’s classic gets a creepy update. “Alice In Wonderland” becomes Alice in the Underworld at this residential display. A mammoth-sized Cheshire cat towers over the walkway into the underworld, an image of caution to all who enter; a skeletonized Alice, Tweedledee and Tweedledum and Mad Hatter celebrate a Very Merry Un-Birthday party while the Queen of Hearts glares daggers from behind.  

Keep in mind that these are residential homes, and not open to the public. Displays are available to see in a drive-by setting, until Halloween night, when door-to-door trick-or-treating commences. Some displays may contain smoke machines, sound or flashing lights, so exercise caution when visiting these attractions at night; they may be spookier than anticipated. 

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