RE Garrison Trucking showcases cancer awareness wraps on fleet

RE Garrison Trucking, Inc. has wrapped trucks supporting childhood cancer awareness. (Martha Needham)

CULLMAN, Ala. – RE Garrison Trucking, Inc. has been at the forefront of corporate social responsibility through its unique truck wrap program. Started in 2018, the initiative has transformed from a tribute to veterans into a rolling billboard for several social causes, with 2023 focusing primarily on cancer awareness.

Shawn Nelson of RE Garrison Trucking explained the evolution of the program and its impact.

“Our journey began with a truck wrap honoring veterans from all military branches. We followed that with ‘Back the Blue’ in 2019, recognizing law enforcement officers,” Nelson said. “Mental health awareness and autism awareness campaigns occupied our 2020 and 2021 wraps, respectively. By 2022, our fleet proudly displayed our company’s five core values.”

This year, the company took a significant leap by wrapping a truck for breast cancer awareness and concluded the year with two trucks dedicated to childhood cancer awareness.

Nelson reflected on the company’s motivation, stating, “RE Garrison is rooted in community service. We owe a lot to the community that has played a vital role in our success, and this program is one of our ways of giving back.”

What’s impressive is the durability of these messages. The wraps are maintained for the entirety of a truck’s life, ensuring longevity of the message. Once the truck is sold, the wrap is removed, revealing pristine paint beneath — a testament to the wrap’s protective and aesthetic dual purpose.

According to those at RE Garrison, the process of selecting individuals featured on the wraps is deeply personal and communal.

“We turned to our internal team and partners, seeking stories of families affected by childhood cancer,” Nelson said. “The campaign was built upon these heart-rending entries.”

The drivers chosen for these trucks have personal stories related to the cause. Nelson mentioned his favorite aspect of the program, stating, “When people approach our drivers, they don’t just see a wrapped truck. They hear a story, connect on a personal level, and this interaction makes a lasting impression.”

Currently, RE Garrison boasts eight wrapped trucks, each garnering up to 600 impressions per mile. The math is staggering with each truck running 125,000 miles annually and remaining in the fleet for at least four years; that equates to 300 million impressions per truck. If the truck exceeds its average mileage, that number can skyrocket.

The recent wraps highlighting the struggle against cancer have a profound resonance within the company. Meeting the eight families and nine children affected by childhood cancer for this campaign has been a poignant reminder of the significance of its efforts.

“All these families sacrificed their privacy to share their stories. While our wraps raise awareness visually, it’s these family stories that truly make an impact,” says Nelson.

As the wheels keep turning, the trucks of RE Garrison will continue telling stories, raising awareness and, most importantly, driving toward a brighter, healthier future.

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