A Remarkable Start to the School Year at Saint Bernard Prep

(St. Bernard Prep)

The Saint Bernard Prep School community celebrated the successful completion of the first week of the school year with a heartfelt email from Headmaster, Phoung Nguyen. He expressed his gratitude and excitement for the enriching activities and engaging interactions that took place among the faculty, students, and staff.

The week was marked by St. Bernard Prep’s team spirit and unwavering commitment to creating a dynamic learning environment. Nguyen shared his delight in visiting classrooms and witnessing the exceptional interactions and engagements between educators and students.

Students enjoyed an array of thought-provoking discussions, hands-on activities, interactive presentations, and engaging lectures throughout the week. The faculty’s innovative approach to teaching was evident as students remained consistently engaged and attentive, further reinforcing the school’s reputation for academic excellence.

Nguyen also thanked the entire school community for their tireless efforts in ensuring the week’s success. He praised the teaching staff for their relentless dedication in creating an enriching and inspiring educational experience for every student.

Moreover, he acknowledged Chef, Father Bede Marcy, OSB and his staff for providing delicious lunches that impressed the students. Many students expressed their satisfaction and appreciation for the culinary offerings, contributing to an all-around positive school experience.

As the week came to an end, Nguyen emphasized the collective achievement and camaraderie that had marked this milestone. “The success of the week serves as a testament to St. Bernard Prep School’s commitment to excellence in education and its ability to create a nurturing environment where both learning and personal growth thrive.”