PREP BOWLING: ‘The love and support from everyone was amazing’: Fairview’s Cadence Ryan looks back on Aggie years

Fairview’s Cadence Ryan. (Courtesy of Cadence Ryan)

FAIRVIEW, Ala. — In this interview, I talked to Fairview senior bowler, Cadence Ryan. She bowled for the Aggies for two years and was also in the Key Club and the student council. Cadence talked about that experience and shared some of what she learned.

“Being in the Key Club and the student council helped me come out of my shell. I felt like I was important to the school. I learned how to talk to people and be a leader. It also taught me how to work well with others and it showed me that I love helping people,” Ryan said. “This year, we ended up becoming the sectional champions in Tuscaloosa and I learned what it was like to work together as a team all trying to get the same goal. It was the most fun I’ve ever had. It was a great experience making it that far and we all had so much fun doing something we love. My coaches, Bryant Roberts, and Mr. Brown were the best coaches. Even when we were having a bad day, they would cheer us on and tell us we were doing a good job. I learned to believe in my skills.”

Cadence was around some great people during her time in those clubs and during bowling season. She talked about her favorite high school memories, what made Fairview a special place to go to, what she’ll remember the most and what she’ll miss the most.

“It made school really easy and fun to go to because I knew I had all of my friends from bowling and the clubs,” she said. “Meeting all the people and getting so close to all the teachers was definitely the best part. What made Fairview special to go to was definitely the love that everyone had for the school. What I’ll remember the most is definitely meeting all the people that I did and learning so much from the teachers. What I’ll miss the most is seeing everyone every day. It was always so much fun.”

Cadence took away some things from going to Fairview and gave some advice to the upcoming freshman. She also talked about a role model that she had growing up and the best advice that she was ever given.

“The love and support from everyone was amazing. It makes you want to work hard,” she said. “Remember to work hard but have fun in the process. Cherish these years; they go by fast. I had multiple role models, but one person that stood out was Mrs. Watts. The best advice that I was ever given was no matter what’s going on in your life, you need to remember to always have fun.”

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