Sheriff Gentry issues lake safety tips

Smith Lake (Tiffany McKoy)

CULLMAN, Ala. – With an increased number of incidents on the water this summer the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) wants the community to be aware of their surroundings while on the water.

“I want to encourage everyone that comes to the lake to follow these safety tips. It’s our goal for citizens to come to the lake, enjoy the time with their friends and family. We at the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office want everyone to have a safe and blessed summer,” said Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry.

The CCSO asks everyone to use good judgement this summer on the lake and follow the following safety tips:

  • Obtain the proper boating license and be familiar with proper operation of boating vessels.
  • Avoid alcohol while boating. Drinking and driving is obviously dangerous; swimming while intoxicated is equally as hazardous.
  • Always wear a life jacket. Regardless of one’s swimming ability, life jackets are a must.
  • Boating or swimming alone are not recommended.
  • Be aware of other boaters, swimmers and children.
  • Ensure all members of your family learn to swim.
  • Plan ahead and prepare for emergencies. Learn how to help someone who is in trouble in the water. This includes learning CPR.
  • Have a detailed plan in place when children are involved. Establish multiple barriers to prevent access to the water, a life jacket protocol and constant supervision. Never assume someone else is watching them.

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