‘Treat others the way you would like to be treated’: Hanceville’s Josey Freeman returning to teach at Hanceville Elementary

Hanceville’s Josey Freeman. (Courtesy of Josey Freeman)

HANCEVILLE, Ala. – One of Hanceville High School’s 2020 graduates is returning home this fall to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. Hanceville’s Josey Freeman is joining the faculty at Hanceville Elementary School as a kindergarten teacher. Josey talked about how she heard about the opening for the job, a role model that she had when she was in high school and how it feels to be pursuing her dream job at her alma mater.

“Jobs are posted through the Cullman County Board of Education website. I checked frequently for job openings (laughs),” Freeman said. “Shirley Beshears was my baton coach and she instilled being a hard worker, always wanting to do your best, and to help others. I wanted to be a teacher in the classroom like she was to me. It’s literally a dream come true and it’s where I want to be.”

Josey got her teaching degree at Athens State University and she won’t be the only family member teaching at Hanceville. Her mom is one as well and she’s been teaching for 16 years. She looked up to her mom growing up and watching her do a job that helps out other people made her want to make a difference in their lives as well.

“My mom is a teacher and I’ve always looked up to her. Seeing how much my mom loves her job and how she makes a difference in students’ lives has made me want to have a teaching job so I could be just like her,” Freeman said. “My mom has been my person to lean on with any questions on education. She has always been there to answer and help me with any questions I may have had. If she didn’t know the answer, I can assure you, she was going to be determined to find out the answer. My mom’s motto has always been to treat others the way you would like to be treated. Throughout my education, that has really stuck with me. My mom has always made a point to help others and be nothing but nice to others. During this new journey, I want to take her motto and help others, while making a difference in students’ lives.”

Josey will be alongside some great teachers at Hanceville Elementary School and talked about what she will look forward to the most.

“Hanceville Elementary School has some wonderful kindergarten teachers. I look forward to working and learning from them. I just want to enjoy my students and have a positive impact on their lives.”

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