1,100-plus 4th graders enjoy Water Festival

Sacred Heart students at Friday's Water Festival at Wallace State. (Tiffany McKoy/The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – More than 1,100 area fourth graders on Friday, April 21, attended the 18th annual Water Festival: “The Wonderful World of Water” at Wallace State Community College. The festival was organized by the Water Systems of Cullman County.

The event was coordinated by Robin Neal, who has overseen the event since it was created in 2005. The event stopped for three years due to COVID-19, and this year was the first year back.

Neal shared what she was most excited about Friday, “Seeing all the kids show up. They are so excited because they’ve heard about it through their sister or brother. They are also excited about the magic show!” 

Neal explained how the kids went through their classes and were able to participate in hands-on activities like building aquifers, watersheds, filtration systems and water cycle systems. Each student was able to create a bracelet about the importance of the water cycle and source preservation.

According to festival committee member Junior Heaton, some of the classroom activities also focused on lake pollution and learning about well water. “Most people don’t know that only 2% of the Earth’s water can be used as drinking water. So, we try to teach them to protect our water supply and not pollute our water by littering.”

After the students were done with their classes, they got to participate in a magic show hosted by an environmental magician, “Steve Trash.”

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