PREP BASKETBALL: ‘Always have a good attitude’: Hanceville’s Alex Twitty reflects on season

Hanceville’s Alex Twitty (14). (Courtesy of Alex Twitty)

HANCEVILLE, Ala. — Eighth grader Alex Twitty spent the first part of last season on the middle school team before getting moved up to the varsity squad halfway through the season and she learned so much from the experience being on both teams.

“I feel like last season was one of the best basketball seasons I have ever had because not just because we won games, coach Paul Glenon pushed me as hard as he could so I can be as good as he thinks I could be. He was one of my favorite coaches that I’ve ever had and during my time on middle school, I learned that you have to work hard for what you want,” Twitty said. “Success doesn’t come easy. My time on varsity was great because I made many new friends, and I met two great coaches that also pushed me very hard and encouraged me to do things I thought I couldn’t do. We might not have won many games, but this is just the beginning of something great.”

Alex played with some great teammates when she moved up to the varsity squad and learned so much from them, including the three seniors: Savana McAnnally, Jessica Marshall and Dierra Merriweather.

“Playing with this group of girls helped me change my attitude whenever I played, and I loved that they encouraged me every single practice and game. I learned to always have a good attitude.” Twitty said. “Playing with Savana was great because she had an amazing attitude during anything, even when we were down in a game. Playing with Jessica was also great despite being injured for most of the season. She had great bench energy. Playing with Dierra was amazing. She made me laugh whenever we were down in a game and had amazing bench energy. I learned that having a positive attitude lets me focus and absorb information as I’m learning new things during practices and games.”

Alex played for coach Christina Watson for the last part of the varsity season and learned a lot from her during that time. She will be working on bettering her game in the off-season to help get ready for next season and has an individual and team goal set for next season.

“I love coach Watson’s energy. She has taught me many things, like helping me develop my athletic abilities and refine my knowledge of basketball,” she said. “I will be working on my shot form and my defense. My individual goal is to mainly work on my ball handling and my team goal for next year is to win area.”

Alex talked about what will make this team special to watch next season and talked about some great memories from this season, plus her thoughts of playing alongside her older sister, Aaliyah, on the varsity squad.

“We have more talent, and we will use it. This summer, we are going to get together and play games to work on things we need to work on the most,” she said. “My favorite memories were when we were in the locker rooms before games. We would have fun and say things that we could and will do that game. We would encourage each other during our time on the court together.”

She added,

“Playing with my sister on varsity is amazing and I’m so glad I get the chance to play high school ball with her. It makes me happy to see her succeed in her goals. I’m also glad to be following in her footsteps. She taught me how to push myself as hard as she pushes herself during games and practices.”

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