CCBOE recognizes bowlers, bookkeepers

Cullman County Schools bookkeepers were recognized by Superintendent Dr. Shane Barnette. (Amy Leonard for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – At its meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 21, the Cullman County Board of Education (CCBOE) recognized the West Point High School bowling team for its recent runner-up finishes in both the state and regional championships.  

The West Point High School bowling team was recognized for its recent runner-up finishes at state and regional tournaments. (Amy Leonard for The Cullman Tribune) 

The team coaches are Brian Vance and Alana Drinkard. Team members include Kevin Vance, Jake Wray, Shawn Sanford, Jaxon Crow, Kamryn Horsley and  John Allred. 

Superintendent Dr. Shane Barnette also recognized the school system’s bookkeepers, who continue to earn flawless audits. They include Kayla Manning, Keneiath Campbell, Joy Kilgo, Lindsey Gardner, Sherri Swindall, Amanda Garmon, Brandy Lowe, Kim Simmons, Patricia Wise, Kylie Tankersley, Christie Thomas, Jan Carter, Karleigh Garrett, Lisa Zehr, Karen Butts, Cynthia Christiansen, Cristi Easterwood, Cathy Robinson, Teresa Blackwood, Sonia Eady and Christi Hamby. 

The following resignations were accepted: 

  • Debra Hill Child Development Center (CDC) School Bus Driver 
  • Rhonda S Hogan Fairview Elementary School (FES) Secretary  
  • Christy Thomas Holly Pond Child Nutrition 
  • Abby Williams Vinemont Elementary School (VES) Teacher 
  • Mary Harbison West Point Middle School Child Nutrition 

The following leaves of absence were accepted: 

  • Gracie McKelvy Central Office Human Resources Assistant 
  • Debra Hill CDC School Bus Driver 
  • Emily Vaughn FES Teacher 
  • Ashton Schaffer Good Hope Elementary School Teacher 
  • Heather Jones Harmony School Teacher  
  • Maeleigha Weaver Parkside School (PS) Teacher 
  • Abby Williams VES Teacher 
  • Kaitlyn Aguirre West Point Elementary School (WPES) Teacher 
  • Tina W. Yovino WPES Teacher 
  • Whitney Young West Point High School (WPHS) Teacher 

The following voluntary transfers were approved: 

  • Lauren Creel Holly Pond Middle School to CDC Special Education Teacher 
  • Abbey Holcomb PS to FES Teacher to Secretary 

The following appointments were approved contingent on certification: 

  • April Smith CDC Homebound Teacher 
  • Kathryn Risner Hanceville High School Special Education Teacher 
  • Austan Jones Holly Pond Elementary School Special Education Teacher 
  • Anna Streety Welti School Pre-K Auxiliary Teacher 
  • William Jochum WPHS Special Education Teacher 

The following substitutes were approved: 

  • Mary Harbison Child Nutrition 
  • Teressa S. Griffin Child Nutrition/Office/Custodian 
  • Ramona Burt Teacher  
  • Cecily Cannon Teacher  
  • Tamera Crawford Teacher  
  • Lainey Keller Teacher  
  • Robert Smothers Teacher  
  • Tanya Veres Teacher  
  • Lori Warden Teacher  
  • Tammy Whittle Teacher  

The following long-term certified substitutes were approved: 

  • Ramona Burt Teacher  
  • Robert Smothers Teacher  
  • Lori Warden Teacher 
  • Tammy Whittle Teacher  

The following contract and/or salary changes were approved: 

  • Jon Farley Upgrade to Master’s 
  • Carrie Ferrell Upgrade to Master’s 
  • An’Drea Huff Upgrade to Master’s 
  • Jennifer M. Murphree Upgrade to Master’s 
  • Adrianna C. Skutchan Upgrade to Education Specialist 
  • Martin Horton  Senior High Football Assistant 3 
  • Joshua Bell add Senior High Baseball Assistant  

The following Non-Faculty Coaches (NFC) were approved: 

  • Jeffrey Earley Cold Springs Elementary/Middle School Softball Volunteer  
  • Preston Williams Vinemont High School Baseball Volunteer  
  • Haley Freeman WPHS Assistant Archery Volunteer 
  • Joshua Bell WPHS Baseball Supplement  
  • Joshua Brown WPHS Softball Volunteer  
  • Patrick Phillips WPHS Volunteer  
  • Isaiah Wylie West Point Middle School Volunteer 

In other business, the following were approved: 

  • Pay Patricia Laseter for up to five unused Annual Leave days 
  • Pay Cortney Myrex, Anna Pace and Leah D. Sapp each $25 per hour for time worked assisting in the production of the Cullman County Basketball Tournament live stream, paid by Cullman County Basketball Tournament sponsorship revenue 
  • Pay Patricia Laseter temporarily part time, as needed at her regular hourly rate of pay for training her replacement, effective March 1-31, 2023 
  • Suzy Berryman, CSFO as the Sick Leave Bank Committee Board Representative to replace Ed Roberson from March 1, 2023, to Oct. 31, 2023 
  • Request from Parkside School to pay Jacy Douglas $750 for 2021-2022 Yearbook Sponsor 
  • Request from Vinemont High School to pay Preston Boyd, Lance Lay and Kerry Thompson $400 each for resurfacing the high school gym floor 
  • Request from West Point Intermediate School to pay Sonia Eady and Felicia Shearrer $500 each for organizing and working the West Point Intermediate and West Point Middle School pageants 
  • Request from West Point Middle School to pay Christi Hamby $500 for working the West Point Middle School pageant 
  • Request from West Point High School to pay the following $1,500 each for summer workouts and field maintenance paid by WP Quarterback Club funds 
  • Phillip Miller 
  • Richard Penn 
  • Donald Lynn 
  • Justin Cornelius 
  • Approval of Before- and After-School Tutors to be paid $40 per hour effective January 2023, paid by ESSER Funds, to Heather Jones for Harmony School 
  • Approval of nurses for the Before- and After-School Tutoring to be paid $40 per hour effective January 2023, paid by ESSER Funds  
  • Cold Springs – Kaci Williams 
  • Substitutues-Eshaunae Downs and Kellie Graves 

The following out of state field trips were approved: 

  • Cold Springs High School to Nashville on April 21, 2023. William Johnson will take the 6-12th grade band students to perform on the plaza and tour the Country Music Hall of Fame. The students will travel by bus. 
  • West Point High School FFA students traveled to Louisville on Feb. 16 with Ethan Lake by bus. The scholars bowl team will travel to Atlanta with Lee Henry and Tina Yovino by private vehicle on May 26 to attend the National Championship Tournament. 
  • Hanceville High School Volleyball Team will head to Murfreesboro via private vehicle with Candice Grochowalski on July 21 for volleyball camp. The school’s math team will go to Six Flags over Georgia by bus with Dana Lisle and Phamie Brown on April 28 for an education day. 

The following staff members are appointed to the 2023 K-5 ELA Textbook Committee: 

  • Cold Springs Elementary – Reilly Hood, Kellie Shelton and Julie Windsor 
  • Fairview Elementary – Pam Draper, Angela Kee and Renee Chambers 
  • Good Hope Elementary – Melody Martin and Faith Helms 
  • Good Hope Primary – Jennifer Wright, Tiffany Gambrill and Cindy Pearson 
  • Hanceville Elementary – Roxie Lee, Cindy Gonstad and Matt Ellard 
  • Harmony – Heather Lynn, Pam Mack and Elaine Wren 
  • Holly Pond Elementary – Brandi Kelso, Ashley Pichelmayer and Lori Baggett 
  • Parkside – Tamala Weaver, Emily Wilson and Nanette Clark 
  • Vinemont Elementary – Amber Robinson, Linsey Hudson and Hayley Drake 
  • Welti Elementary – Krystal Ayers, Jennifer Hays and Amy Ellard 
  • West Point Elementary – Tina Yovino, Layla Quinn, Jennifer Little and Jessica Taylor 
  • West Point Intermediate – Hayden Voce 
  • EL Coach – Brittany Thompson 
  • Parent Representative – Jena Mayo 

The third nine weeks ends on March 10 and spring break is March 27-31. The next regular board meeting is Thursday, March 16. The work session begins at 3:30 p.m. and regular meeting follows.