Nail proclaims International Clergy Week in Hanceville

Hanceville Civitans and City Council members John Stam and Patty Dean, with Mayor Kenneth Nail and Hanceville Civitans Brenda Carter and Nolan Bradford. (Amy Leonard for The Cullman Tribune)

HANCEVILLE, Ala. – Maylor Kenneth Nail and the Hanceville City Council, during its last meeting in January, voted to proclaim the first full week of February International Clergy Week in Hanceville. Leading the city in the celebration of Cullman County clergy is the Hanceville Civitan Club. On Tuesday, Feb. 28, at 11 a.m., clergymen and women will be honored at Hanceville Methodist Church. 

A written statement submitted by Hanceville Civitan President Rev. James C. Fields, Jr. read, “Among us are people who dedicate a lifetime to bringing about a better world. They are the clergy of all faiths and creeds who seek to bring all people a message of peace and love. 

“It is because of this that members of the Hanceville Civitan Club are asking the people of Cullman County to take the time to say ‘thank you’ to our rabbis, priests and ministers,” he concluded. 

Clergy Appreciation Week was started by Civitans International as a way to honor the lives and tragic but heroic deaths of four military chaplains after the torpedoing of their ship, the USS Dorchester, during WWII. 

The proclamation reads: 

WHEREAS, the first full week of February is International Clergy Week, the City of Hanceville deems it is a great honor and privilege to be host through the Hanceville Civitan Club to a large segment of the clergy of this city and county to celebrate this event; and 

WHEREAS, the clergy of our nations have meant so much to our religions and our way of life; and 

WHEREAS, the Clergymen of our respective faiths have made such sacrifices in serving both God and country in war and peace, I deem it appropriate on the part of the Mayor to hereby call upon the members of the Hanceville Civitan Club and all of the citizens of Cullman County to observe this week for the purpose of recalling to this community the accomplishments and contributions made to our county by the clergy who serve its citizens as well as those in the nation at large; and 

WHEREAS, the residents of Hanceville are encouraged to actively support and take pride in the worthwhile efforts of these public servants as well as the work of Civitan members in our community. 

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mayor Kenneth Nail, and the City of Hanceville do hereby proclaim the first week of February as Presented under the seal of the City of Hanceville on this 26th day of January 2023. 

In other business, the council voted to approve the use of a Homeland Security Grant for buying new police vehicle radios and walkie talkies, including installation and software. Two Polaris Rangers, one two-seater and one four-seater, will be purchased with the grant. Additionally, a van to be used as a mobile command center during emergency situations will be bought. The grant could only be used for very specific items for the department as mandated by the State of Alabama and federal government.  

Building condemnations and the Tiny House Pocket Neighborhood measure were both tabled until the next council meeting.  

The next Hanceville City Council meeting will be held Thursday, Feb. 9, at Hanceville City Hall. The work session will begin at 5 p.m. and regular meeting at 5:30. 

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