Netflix users target of scam


CULLMAN, Ala. – Netflix subscribers are being targeted by a resurfaced scam that attempts to gain subscribers’ personal information, including bank accounts or credit cards used for Netflix billing. 

Scammers have been sending emails and text messages to subscribers stating that their Netflix accounts have been suspended. The message offers a link to validate the account and renew the account. 

Netflix urges subscribers to not click the link provided in the unsolicited texts or emails. The company also reminds its users that it never requests payments through a third-party website nor would it ask for personal information via text or email. Registration is only done on the company’s official website. 

If you have received the scam message and clicked the link, Netflix encourages you to change your account password on its website as soon as possible. Additionally, if you entered payment information through the third-party link, contact your bank as your account may be compromised. 

Netflix provides the following information on keeping your personal information secure: 

  • Be careful anytime you get an email or text requesting personal information.  
  • Don’t click a link when in doubt; go directly to the company website instead. 
  • Never provide personal or financially sensitive information through email. 
  • Check the sender’s address to see if it looks legitimate. 
  • On a computer browser, hover over any links before clicking on them to see the URL. Make sure the links go where you expect them to. 
  • Install anti-virus software to help guard your devices and personal information. 

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