Sprucing up Sulphur Springs

Sulphur Springs in Blount County (Melanie Turner)

BLOUNT COUNTY, Ala. – While paying a visit to Cullman County for the holidays, Jeremy Turner decided to take his family for a literal walk around a historic watering hole. When they arrived, it wasn’t the same as Turner remembered from his youth. 

“I grew up in Cullman County and I spent some time around Blount Springs throughout my childhood,” said Turner. “I wanted to show my wife and kids the place.” 

Turner, along with his wife, Melanie, children Megan and Matthew and his parents, Tim and Beverly, arrived at Sulphur Springs on New Year’s Eve morning. Once at the site the group noticed the once bubbling springs were saturated and covered in mud. 

Sulphur Springs in Blount County (Melanie Turner) 

“I knew it had grown up since I last visited the place, but had no idea it had grown up that much. While we were looking around I noticed one spring was still visible. It happened to have a few bubbles come up while we were looking in the dark grown over area,” he said. “I told the family, ‘Look at that. Mother Nature is asking for a little help.’ Plus, I could recall what it used to look like and wanted the kids to see.” 

So the family got to work clearing high grass, overgrown shrubs and even the messy parts – cleaning out the springs themselves, a task taken on by Turner’s daughter, Megan. Turner said that it is important to include children in the cleanup so they, too, can understand the importance of keeping the area at Sulphur Springs and similar locations clean.  

“I think it’s good to show them with a little work things can always be restored,” he said. “Also, it’s good for them to get out and see what nature has to offer.”  

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