Hanceville adding 5 new names to Bulldog Wall of Fame Friday

Top left: Harold Brigham, Bottom left: Roy White. Right side top-bottom: Danny Day, John Purifoy, Ray Dyer. (Courtesy of Greg Allred)

HANCEVILLE, Ala. – The Bulldogs will be back home at Ray Talley Stadium to host Oneonta Friday night but before they kick things off, fans will be able to enjoy a special ceremony. Hanceville will be adding five more names to its Bulldog Wall of Fame Friday night and this year’s class is full of Hanceville greats.

Roy White

Became Hanceville’s first All-State player in 1931 and played on Alabama’s 1934 National Championship Team. Played in the 1935 Rose Bowl.

Ray Dyer

Earned All-Area and All-State honors in 1974. Played in the AHSAA All-Star Game in 1975. Signed a football scholarship to the University of North Alabama.

Coach Danny Day

Earned All-County and All-State honors in 1964. He received a scholarship to St. Bernard College; where he played baseball, basketball and soccer. He was a teacher and coach at several high schools in Alabama for over 45 years and in 2000 Coach Day’s team at Aliceville High School won the state football championship. In 2010 Coach Day was inducted to the Cullman County Sports Hall of Fame.

John Purifoy

Earned All-Area and All-State honors in 1987. Signed a football scholarship to Carson Newman University.

Harold Brigham

Longtime Civic leader, Hanceville High School electric clock operator for decades, played vital role in construction of Hanceville’s football stadium in 1965, specifically securing funding and construction of the stadium’s lighting system.

If you can get to the stadium a little early Friday night, you’ll be able to join fellow Bulldog fans in honoring these Hanceville greats.

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