PREP VOLLEYBALL: Vinemont’s Young, Hoffman excited for senior seasons

Vinemont’s Abby Young (11) and Emilie Hoffman (25). (Courtesy of Angie Handley Young)

VINEMONT, Ala. — Vinemont’s volleyball has spent the offseason preparing for a new season and now for seniors Abby Young and Emilie Hoffman, their final run with the Lady Eagles is underway. Both seniors were happy with how Vinemont’s offseason went, and they’re excited to hit the court now that the regular season has arrived.

“The practices have been going really good. We’ve been working very hard. It’s been going well. I’m excited,” Hoffman said. “We did very good in the play-day games. We only lost three games. We’ve been really pushing ourselves.”

Young added,

“I think our summer play-day games went good.” 

Abby and Emilie have played for coach Lance Lay for their whole volleyball career and has learned so much from him so far.

“He’s very hard and very pushy. He will push you as hard as you can to make you do the best that you can,” Young said. “I’ve learned everything about volleyball from him: how to hit better and how to play at a fast pace and harder pace on varsity. From middle school and JV to varsity is completely different, and so he’s basically taught us how to prepare ourselves for that.”

“He’s pretty much taught me everything I need to know about volleyball,” Hoffman added. “He pushes us a lot.”

Abby and Emilie have set some goals for themselves and the team this season.

“The team goal is to make it to regionals,” Young said. “Some individual goals are to get better at every single practice and get as best as you can.”

“Our team goal is we just need to get in the clique and communicate better,” Hoffman said. “We need to get closer. An individual goal is to hit better.”

Abby is so happy to see how much her team has grown from last season.

“We’ve grown a lot,” Young said. “We have a lot of middle schoolers that have come up this year and I honestly think they are doing really good. A middle schooler that is on the team; I used to give her volleyball lessons and she’s doing really good.” 

Hoffman added,

“They are definitely pushing themselves.”

Abby thinks this team can have a really big season this year and talked about her expectations for the team.

“I feel like we can have a really good season this year,” Young said. “The team’s expectations are to make it to regionals and try to place in the county tournament.”

The Lady Eagles’ next match will be Tuesday night at 6 p.m. at home against Falkville.

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