Daystar Church launches ‘Choose Life Fund"


CULLMAN, Ala. – Daystar Church recently announced a new initiative directed at parents who choose to have children in spite of hardships, or who need help when fostering or adopting children. The church issued this statement:

Daystar Church is launching a bold new initiative called The Choose Life Fund. In a time when there is so much acrid debate surrounding politics and abortion, Daystar has focused on helping those (who) have chosen life but need a helping hand.  

Lead Pastor Jerry Lawson described the mission, “This fund is for families who want to adopt or be foster parents, moms who want to choose life but don’t think they can do it alone or for single moms who did choose life and just need some help. Basically, if you’re choosing life, we want to stand with you.”

Support from the church community was immediate. The Choose Life Fund was announced in July and was flooded with donations of over $35,000 within the first few days of opening. 

“If you are choosing life and need someone to come alongside you, know that you do not have to do this alone,” said Outreach Pastor Chris Hopper. “We are here to help.”   

Daystar Church has a robust track record of community service. So far this year, the church has held 46 outreach events in which 1,225 volunteers have served for over 5,000 hours. The focus and manpower (have) reached 10,127 people thus far. 

“Daystar Church exists to further its mission of Community transformation through the love and power of Jesus Christ,” Pastor Jerry stated. “The Choose Life Fund is already doing just that.” 

Daystar, which has campuses in Cullman, Hartselle and Madison, would love to see other churches and organizations get involved or launch Choose Life Fundsof their own. 

If you would like to help families (who) have chosen life or if you need a helping hand, contact Daystar Church at

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