‘Always fight until the end’: Victoria Stanley remembers her playing days at Hanceville

Hanceville’s Victoria Stanley. (Martha Needham/The Cullman Tribune)

HANCEVILLE, Ala. — In this interview I talked to former Hanceville volleyball and basketball player, Victoria Stanley. Victoria made a lot of great memories on and off the court during her time playing at Hanceville but mentioned a few that stood out.

“One of my favorite basketball memories was 2018. I was a freshman and we played Cold Springs. They were always one of our big rivals. It was always such a great game and there was a big crowd. It went into double overtime, and we ended up winning the game, 59-55. It was an exciting game, and it was one of my favorite memories. It made a big impact on my focus and mindset of the game, how it should be played,” Stanley said. “My favorite volleyball memories were just getting to spend time with all of my teammates, getting to play, having fun, doing what I like to do, and making memories with my team.”

She added,

“My favorite high school memories were just spending as much time with teachers and friends as I could. Homecoming week was always my favorite, getting to dress up and goof around.”

Victoria feels lucky to have played for some great coaches during her time at Hanceville and tried to learn as much from both of them as she could.

“I started out with coach Christina Watson in basketball. She was one of my favorite coaches. She pushed you to be the best you could be. There was no slacking or anything with her. She definitely made a big impact on my life,” Stanley said. “After she left to go to Cullman, we got coach Tim Bellmon. He was already an assistant coach for one year before he took over. It was family with him. He took us in, and it was amazing to play under him because I felt so comfortable. He taught us more than just basketball; he taught us life lessons. It was great playing for him.”

Victoria learned so much at Hanceville and she will miss being there next year.

“I learned to be the best that you can at everything. They always pushed you to never let anything behind and leave it all on the floor. Do what you can, always push yourself, and never give up. Always fight until the end. They taught us a lot about teamwork too. It wasn’t just a one-person game. Even if you weren’t doing good, you still cheer on your other teammates and help them out. They wanted us to be the best leaders that we can be.”

She added,

“I’m definitely going to miss my teammates. I made a lot of great friendships. I’m going to miss the teachers; they were amazing. They weren’t just your teachers; they tried to get a close relationship with you so you wouldn’t feel left out. It was like a family.”

Hanceville High School will always hold a special place in Victoria’s heart, and she feels fortunate to have spent her school years there.

“Hanceville was such a special school to go to because everyone was like family. No matter if it was your first day or you’ve been going there your whole life, everyone always tried to make each other feel welcome. The teachers didn’t just look at you as students who needed to get work done, they made you feel like you belonged and always wanted what was best for you. I’m very thankful to have been a part of such a wonderful family and I always know that no matter where I go in life, I can count on anybody that has been a part of Hanceville High School.”

Victoria gave some advice to the students that will be starting high school themselves very soon.

“Don’t make stressing about fitting in or finding the right crowd to hang out with your first priority. Focus on yourself and your schoolwork first; the rest will fall into place. Don’t worry about what other people have to say about you. You do you and be the best you possible. Never give up and never be afraid to ask for help. If you’re struggling with something, find someone you trust and talk to them about it. You never have to do or go through anything alone.”

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