Woman allegedly bites gas station clerk

Tammie Leann Huskey (Cullman County Sheriff’s Office)

HOLLY POND, Ala. – A woman allegedly involved in an altercation with a Marathon gas station clerk Sunday night just before 10 p.m. was arrested on unrelated outstanding warrants after her picture was shared on social media. 

Tammie Leann Huskey, 28, of Somerville, allegedly bit the clerk on her genitalia in the incident.  

A statement made by the clerk, who wishes to remain anonymous:  

“The customers came in close to closing asking to use the restroom. When leaving the store, she began to yell something about toilet paper- for which we had a brand new roll. The man who was with her and was paying for gas at this time went to the pump to get his gas and she came back to the door multiple times yelling. I cashed his payment back out and walked outside to give him his money back because she was acting erratically. I told them to leave, and she then came to the door as I was walking back in and yelled in my face. At this time, I’m blocking the door to keep her from coming back into the store. I asked her many times for her to get out of my face and leave the property and then she hit me, ripped off my glasses and broke them. So, I took her to the ground and told the man she was with I would let her up if they would leave. At that point, she was on her knees, and she bit me in my vagina.” 

The clerk continued:  

“You shouldn’t have to worry about a customer putting their hands down their pants and trying to rub them on your face- that’s just nasty. We put up with so much it’s insane. We can’t even do our jobs without being yelled or cussed at.  We’ve been spit on and had things thrown at us —the public needs to do better. We’re just trying to do our jobs and go home to our families.” 

Holly Pond Marathon Manager Amanda Miller confirmed that her employee got a tetanus shot following the incident. 

“They ran blood tests also,” Miller said. “She is doing good, just sore. Also, I wanted to confirm what I stated before about the incident. I said people have gotten worse since Covid hit. I did not say Covid made her do it like I was quoted previously. I said the situations that I’ve seen over the last two years are worse than I’ve ever experienced.” 

The Cullman County Sheriff’s Office said Huskey was located after the incident and arrested for outstanding warrants, but no charges related to the incident have been filed by the victim. 

Husky was charged with three failure to appear warrants: driving while suspended, running a red light and possession of stolen property.  

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