Files from yesteryear: from the files of 1954 and 1937


From the files of 1954:

Births for July:

Eighty-three babies were born in Cullman County during July. Boys were born to Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Sinyard, J.E. Weissend, Carl Teichmiller, Spencer Howard, M.C. Cleghorn,, C.L. Jerrolds, Alton F. Ray, T.R. Segroves, O.J. Latham, J.H. Fitzgerald, B.D. Williams,

G.R. Ransom, T.A. Crutchfield, A.E. Marsh, W.W. Parker, L.L. Shoemake, Milton McGriff, Charles R. Ryan, Marvin Henderson, Junior Hines, C.C. Kilpatrick,

J.A. Swann, M.L. Harris, Hancle K. Hampton, L.L. Guthrie, A.C. Poole, R. Ottis Holaway, Raymond Harris, Lecle O. Sellers, C.O. Grund, R.C. Chumley, Hoyt Causey, Jack Tankersley, H.A. Owen,

W.H. Hill, N.W. Chambers, T.N. Givens,

C.A. Griffin, J.C. Gregory, W.H. Schultz, William Smothers, G.J. Chaney, B.E. Hale and Bernis Sams.

Girls were born to Mr. and Mrs. G.L. Self, L.V. Huckaby, Clifford K. Burney,

D.A. Mann, V.L. Couch, V.O. Boone,

S.J. Vinson, John T. Poole, Louis Evans, Junior, W.J. Whitehorn, Sterling Pruett,

H.W. Makemson, R.C. Gardner, T.G. Merrill, W.W. Smith, Frank Schwaiger,

J.B. Hill, E.L. Kent, Melvin Brummett,

B.J. Suite, Clarence Harris, C.W. Thomas, Robert Hanson, S.E. Barnett,

W.H. Long, Cecil Romine, A.E. Parks,

G.D. Cates, L.E. Rreidrick, H.R. Biggs,

J.A. Willingham, W.S. Russell, John L. Lindsey, E.L. Trammell, Fred Nickens,

C.W. Nash, B.M Parrish and Chart Byram (twins).

Files from 1937:

On Tuesday, August 17, the W.C. Griffith Gin at Hanceville had the privilege of processing Cullman County’s first bale of cotton for this season. The cotton was grown by A.R. Russell on

D.D. Price’s farm on Warrior, Route One. Mr. Clark Griffith states this is the earliest bale to be ginned in the past 17 years. It’s a week earlier than last year.

The county will permit traffic on the new concrete bridge over Tedder Creek on the Hanceville, Arkadelphia Road. They expect to have this project completed next week, according to Mr. Rube Aldredge.