‘Treasure every moment’: Holly Pond’s EmmaRay Spitzer reflects on her time as a Bronco

Holly Pond’s EmmaRay Spitzer. (Nick Griffin/The Cullman Tribune)

HOLLY POND, Ala. — In this interview, I talked to Holly Pond pitcher EmmaRay Spitzer, who will be continuing her athletic career at Oakwood University alongside a pair of her Lady Bronco teammates.

EmmaRay overcame a lot of adversity in her years at Holly Pond and made plenty of great memories during her time as a Bronco.

“My favorite sports memories were hitting my first home run at the county tournament, going to regionals in all of my high school years, dressing up for our area tournament games, and striking out 11 batters against Fairview,” Spitzer said. “My favorite high school memories is definitely our dress up days. It was America Day and I dressed up as a founding father. Other days, I’ve worn blow up costumes. I tried to make every moment count. Being on homecoming court was one of my favorites. Going to prom for my senior year is a memory that I will never forget.”

EmmaRay feels blessed to have played for some great coaches at Holly Pond and she learned so much from them.

“Destry Stone has been one of the most influential people that is in my life. He has taught me leadership, hard work, and faith,” Spitzer said. “I learned mostly that a position on the field or even in life isn’t given; it is earned. Emily Hayles has helped me keep everything together when everything is falling apart. She has taught me to be stronger for not only myself, but for the other girls on the field with me. I’ve learned a lot of my career of playing ball since I was younger, but most of all, I’ve learned that attitude can change the whole game. Not only my coaches through Holly Pond have taught me this, but also my parents and other softball parents. Body language is just as important as your physical skill.”

EmmaRay took away some important things during her high school days and talked about what she’ll miss the most, plus she gave some advice to those students that are fixing to start high school in August.

“I will take away all of the great memories that I learned on how to be a better leader and peer to others,” Spitzer said. “I will miss the teachers and every mentor in my life that helped me through high school. My advice to upcoming students in August, treasure every moment, make as many memories as possible, and to be involved in lots of clubs and extracurricular activities.”

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