83rd Annual Cullman Strawberry Festival has record number of attendees

Sammy Confer for The Cullman Tribune

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Cullman Strawberry Festival on Saturday, May 7 was packed with people looking to buy farm fresh strawberries and enjoy the many festivities. Farmers began selling produce at 7:00 a.m. and most were sold out by the middle of the day, going through multiple truckloads of strawberries. Kelly Pullium of Cullman Parks, Recreation and Sports Tourism (CPRST) said over 3000 gallons of strawberries were sold, the most ever on record. The strawberries were entirely sold out by 3:00 p.m.

The agricultural event featured music from the Cullman Community Band and Cullman Middle and High School Jazz bands in the morning. The baking competition in which contestants made their best strawberry desserts took place at noon and the 2nd Annual Doggy Paw-geant took place in the afternoon. The Georgia Thunderbolts, Chayce Beckham and Gin Blossoms performed music in the evening. Pullium said that the night crowd was even bigger than usual because of the artist line-up. “We experienced record crowds, with more out-of-town guests than we can recall for any of our other downtown festivals we have promoted to date. Our estimated attendance throughout the day exceeded 15,000,” he shared.

Also being sampled for the first time was CPRST’s German Liege waffle. The Liege waffle hails from the town of Liege in Belgium with an over 200-year-old history. It is made with pearl sugar and yeast dough rather than a regular batter. Pullium stated, “These waffles are enjoyed throughout Europe every day but are an immensely popular treat at festivals and events like Oktoberfest and Christmas markets in Germany. We wanted to give people a sneak peek at our Strawberry Festival. Folks can be looking for the Liege waffles at our Oktoberfest and Christmas market this year as we continue to celebrate our German heritage.”

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