CEC staying prepared for every storm

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CULLMAN, Ala. – In the south, it’s commonly known that weather is never a guarantee from day to day, something that keeps crews at the Cullman Electric Cooperative always on their toes.

Brian Lacy, CCC, manager of Communications & External Affairs CEC, said weather is unpredictable, which is why they always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The same advice goes for the public. 

“Have a plan in place for severe weather. Make sure you have access to a safe location, and if that means visiting a storm shelter, make sure you know where the closest one is located. Have a supply of food and water and a way to receive news and weather updates,” said Lacy. “Being prepared for power outages helps the co-op respond quicker and get power restored faster. When our members are prepared, it makes it easier to manage the time until power is restored.”

One of the reasons CEC stays prepared are due to the relationships with other agencies. 

“We work closely with the Cullman County EMA and National Weather Service to keep our linemen safe during severe weather,” he said. “Obviously if lightning is in the area our crews will not start working outside, but wind and heavy rain can also make it difficult to work productively.”

In the event that the weather has become too rough to continue repair, crews wait on standby until the dangerous portions of the storm pass.

“If more bad weather enters the area, our crews will stop working and seek shelter until it is safe to work again. We all want to get power restored as quickly as possible, but our top priority is always the safety of our linemen,” he said. 

Lacy said members can report a power outage by calling 256-737-3201. A member with a Cullman EC online account can login to their account and report an outage. 

“We also have a text message system members can register for in advance and then use to report an outage. Text CECIN to 85700 and confirm your address to register. To report a power outage, text #OUT to 85700 and confirm your address to register your outage. 

To check outage or report an outage visit https://www.cullmanec.com/report-outages.

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