‘My guiding question will always be, ‘Does this help the citizens of Cullman County?’’

Morris Williams makes announcement for run in Cullman County Commission, District 4 race

Photo submitted Morris Williams

CULLMAN, Ala. – “My name is Morris Williams, and I am running for Cullman County Commissioner for District 4,” read the announcement sent to The Tribune. We reached out to find out more about Williams.

In a crowded race in District 4 with a field including Republicans, Williams joins Kristi Creel Bain, Andy Pate, Corey Freeman and Jeremy S. Jackson, each are fighting for the chance to represent those in a newly formed district. The election will be held on May 24, 2022.

As a lifelong resident of Cullman County, Williams is married to Kathy Phillips and the couple have two daughters, Audra and Melissa. Williams also understands the importance of hard and education.

“Both my grandfathers were small farmers, and I have been around cattle, hay and chickens all my life,” said Williams. “I have been teaching at Holly Pond High School for 25 years. I hold a bachelor’s and master’s degree in history, as well as an educational specialist degree in social sciences. I also have a master’s degree in educational leadership, and I also hold a National Board Certification for teachers. I have been an adjunct instructor for U.S. History at Wallace State Community College since 2007.”

Morris served for seven years on the board of directors for the VAW water system. Since 2020, he has been a member of the Jones Chapel Volunteer Fire Department, holding certifications in EMT, Fire and EMS Instructor I, Mobile Water and EVD. He is currently working on Firefighter 1 certification through the Alabama Fire College, not to mention he is also a cattle farmer and poultry farmer with breeder hen houses at Jones Chapel.

With everything he already has going on, Morris is still looking to spend time serving as District 4 commissioner. Why? He said it’s an act of service.

“My biggest reason for running for the County Commission is I enjoy serving my community. I have always had an interest in politics and government,” he said. “I have had hundreds of students come through my classes at Holly Pond in the past 25 years of teaching government and economics, and I thought this might be a way to add realism to my teaching by moving from the textbook to real life.” 

Morris also stated that he is, “a firm believer that all politics is local. I am first and foremost a conservative and then a Republican. Lately, I have seen a tendency toward policies that run counter to the views of our founders and what is good for the citizens of this state,” he continued. “When I served on the board at VAW, I tried to stress the view that the members were the owners and their interests should be the guiding force behind every decision.  I was lucky to serve with a great group of men:  Jeremy Bolzole, Tim Box, Joseph Dingler and Larry Duke. I believe we accomplished some good things while working together.”

Morris said that he understands that he as underdog in a crowded race but ensures that he will serve the citizens of Cullman Count to the best of his ability.

“My guiding question will always be, ‘Does this help the citizens of Cullman County?’ I believe that I can work with members of the County Commission and keep Cullman County moving in a positive direction and maintain the unique character of Cullman County,” he said.

Williams is running his campaign in a slightly unorthodox manner, one which may resonate with voters.

“I am running a campaign without asking for or accepting contributions or donations. I do not want to give the impression that I have any allegiance but to the citizens of this county,” he said. “I want voters to know that I value their views and their input about the decisions that the commission must make.  Above all else, I want them to know that I firmly believe that their tax dollars will be used wisely and that I will oppose any moves to tax citizens without them having an opportunity to vote on it. I believe that if there is a need for more tax money to fund something that the people who are going to be paying the bill should have a say in it.”

Williams finished by asking voters to take time to research every candidate.

“I ask the voters in this county to take the time to look at the candidates for every position in every race and try to discern who is truly the best person for the job. The opportunity to vote is a privilege and duty that has been paid for in blood and sacrifice and should not be taken lightly. Thank you for your consideration and hopefully your vote,” Williams concluded.   

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