West Point Town Council creates new Park and Rec Plus ball program

(Sara Gladney for The Cullman Tribune)

WEST POINT, Ala. – The West Point Town Council met Monday evening to discuss the new items needed for the concession stand at the park. The old storage refrigerator went out, so the mayor proposed getting a new chest freezer. Other items needed are a grill, fryer, table, laminate flooring for the coach’s office and two propane bottles. Ashlee Phillips estimated that the flooring would cost about $500.

Frankie Jones made a motion to allocate $4000 to purchase the items.

The council also discussed re-working the retaining wall at the park to reroute water drainage. The town received $12,000 from the CCCDC about a month and a half ago that the mayor suggested using to cover some of the cost. Councilmember Jones suggested the $50,000 of American Rescue Act funds could be used to repair the damage. Attorney Dan Willingham confirmed that the funds could be used for that purpose.

The council will come to a decision at the next meeting.

The West Point Senior Center requested funds for an event such as a trip, cookout or bingo. Frankie Jones said, “Do we want to pay to sponsor a group of senior citizens to go out in a Covid world.” The mayor said that the event would be for the spring and that many seniors are no longer going to events. The council came to the decision to give $500 a year to the senior center and to let the senior center decided how to allocate those funds.

West Point has recently had an issue with illegal dumping into their sewer system. This causes unnecessary expense to the town. The sheriff’s department has been patrolling for a large sewer/dump/pump truck. To report a sighting of illegal dumping, please call 256-734-006.

The T-ball and baseball rules will now be approved through the town council. Park director Mike Wray has created a new ball program called Park and Rec Plus in which kids can play Park and Rec ball as always, but there will be a “plus” team that will be eligible to play travel baseball. Wray estimates that sign ups in softball enrollment will have tripled by starting this program. The park will also be open later in the year until November to help kids develop. Kids up to 17 will be able to pay to play. The rules of this new program have not yet been approved and finalized. The council retains the option to amend the rules of this program at any time.

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