Good Hope City Council receives check from Cullman County Industrial Development Authority, approves speed limit sign

The Good Hope City Council received a check for $20,752 from the Cullman County Industrial Development Authority to go toward a new convenience store on County Road 222 Monday night. (Nick Griffin/The Cullman Tribune)

GOOD HOPE, Ala. – Good Hope’s City Council held its second regularly scheduled meeting of November Monday night and to get things started, the Cullman County Industrial Development Authority (CCIDA) was there to present the Council with a check for $20,752 to go toward the construction of a new convenience store. The Council approved a plan to build the convenience store on County Road 222 earlier this year and Mayor Jerry Bartlett was excited to see more progress being made Monday night.

“We’re glad that y’all are here tonight and we really appreciate the money. This is for our convenience store that is going up on County Road 222 and this will help with the curb and gutter and the opening to that. It’s $20,752 and that’s what it’ll be spent on. It’s part of economic development and hopefully we’re going to have a hotel right by it,” Bartlett said. “Hopefully after the first of the year we’ll have shovels in the ground, and we’ll be ready to build our sewer system for that whole west side of the Good Hope area.”

Following the presentation from the CCIDA, the Council heard from a local resident, James Williams, who is concerned about speeding drivers near his home on East Moehring Road.

“There are kids who drove very fast down that road and there’s no speed limit posted. There are kids who walk up and down that road and I have grandchildren that live around there so I talked to the court and the Sheriffs Office also about posting a speed limit sign,” Williams said. “I know it’s asking a lot, but I think a 15-mph speed limit on that gravel road is more than reasonable because I don’t what anybody to get hurt, not myself, my grandchildren or anybody.”

After discussing it for a few minutes and deciding between different speeds, the Council approved a 15-mph speed limit sign to be put at East Moerhing Road in an effort to slow down traffic on the road.

The Council then spent some time talking about preparations for upcoming events including a ribbon cutting and dedication at Doss Bridge this Wednesday at 11 a.m. and the Christmas Parade coming up December 11 at 1 p.m.

Before adjourning for the night, the Council held the first reading for Ordinance No. 026-2021. The Ordinance was written to amend Ordinance No. 015-2020 to add a standing committee called Community and Economic Development Committee. The ordinance reads,

“As the result of recent rapid growth experienced by the City of Good Hope, it would be beneficial to form a standing committee to respond to inquiries from potential industrial, retail and residential developers. Therefore, a standing committee is hereby created to be known as the City of Good Hope Community and Economic Development Committee. The committee shall be comprised of the mayor, the council members and the city planner and shall meet as needed to make recommendations to the city council.”

The Council will officially pass the ordinance at its next meeting.

The Good Hope City Council will hold its next regularly scheduled meeting Monday, Dec. 13 at Good Hope City Hall at 6:30 p.m.

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