Cullman Police Dept. announces new route plan  for Cullman City Schools

(Photo courtesy of the CPD)

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Cullman Police Department, in coordination with Cullman High, Middle and Primary Schools announced this week a new school driving route plan.  

CPD Patrol Captain Jeff Warnke said the work was done in tandem with the schools to ensure that the students’ safety was held at the utmost regard.  

“There’s a lot of changes to the school traffic routing areas but it was necessary and all done to keep the traffic flowing and the kids safe,” Warnke said. 

“It may be a little confusing for parents moving from elementary to middle school or for a grandparent that is having to take a child to school for the first time. We’re trying to keep everything smooth for parents and students.”  

Warnke said one of the primary issues is the Sewer project on Oak Drive leading to the closure of that roadway.  

“Also, the half-moon area for drop-offs near the school will be closed to parents dropping off kids, but used temporarily for teacher parking until construction for the new school building project starts,” Warnke said.  

Warnke asks all parents to please have their children exit to curbside drop-off locations away from traffic. They are labeled on the attached photos.  

“We do not want a child exiting into traffic and getting hurt, so please be aware of what drop-off locations you’re using,” Warnke said, “There will be two drop-offs–one at the new gym and one behind the lunchroom. Each will have school administrators available to help gather students into groups, stop traffic and utilize the crosswalks to walk to the main campus.” 

Another drop-off location for high school students who do not drive will be the circular drive at the teacher parking lot, Warnke noted.  

“There will be additional officers at different exit locations,” Warnke said. “All this has been done with the main objective of keeping the kids safe and creating as few headaches as possible. The traffic unit will be out in full force for the first two weeks of school.  

We will also have air support and watch an overview of the flow of traffic and let the officers know of any traffic issues.”  

(Photo courtesy of the CPD)

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