Soil and Water Conservation District holds children’s presentation at Guy Hunt Library and Museum

(Ashlyn Grey for The Cullman Tribune)

HOLLY POND, Ala. – The Soil and Water Conservation District on Thursday made a presentation for the children of Guy Hunt Library and Museum in Holly Pond on local wildlife and the tracks they leave behind. With 11 children in attendance, Soil and Water Conservation Speaker Kathy Holmes read a book called, “Over in the Forest” written by Marianne Berkes and illustrated by Jill Dubin.  

While reading to the children, there were interactive pages and stuffed animals to help illustrate the differences between adult animals and their young. These additions made an interactive environment for the children as they learned the animals’ proper titles and about the differences and similarities found between them. A fun highlight of storytime happened as the speaker asked if any of the children had seen a deer before. While some hands were raised, one child spoke up and laughed, “I did! When I was little, I thought it was a giraffe!” as the room filled with giggles. 

Holmes began to ask and explain to the kids about the differences between the animals featured in the story footprints, such as gray foxes, beavers, box turtles, turkeys, opossums, deer, woodpeckers, raccoons, squirrels and striped skunks. With soft molding clay, the children made molds of different footprints and discussed the animals as they went. 

After the event concluded, Librarian Melody Camp shared, “If it were not for places like the Soil and Water Conservation District and the Agriplex, we would not be able to have our summer programs and I am just so grateful for them. They have made donations and they do not ever charge us anything. I really want them to get the credit they deserve, and I want the kids to be happy.” 

A finished print mold (Ashlyn Grey for The Cullman Tribune) 

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