Books to Battalions: Holly Pond, Fairview, West Point

(Photo courtesy of Caleb Knedlik)

Caleb Knedlik- Holly Pond

Caleb Knedlik is a 2021 graduate of Holly Pond High School and will soon be leaving for the United States Army. Caleb has always been interested in the army, explaining, “My great-grandpa was in the Army during World War II and he had a huge impact on my life. I would like to honor him by joining.”

Other than the legacy left by his great-grandpa, Caleb had another reason for choosing the Army. He said, “The Army is very family-friendly and I hope to start a family soon. The Army has treated me amazing already and I can’t wait to see what all they do for me in the future.” 

Caleb will be 91 Bravo or wheeled vehicle mechanic. He will leave July 19 for Ft. Jackson in South Carolina for basic training. After basic, he will be headed to Frt. Lee in Virginia for Advanced Individual Training. 

“I would like to thank my mom and dad, my grandparents and all my friends for supporting me through everything,” Caleb said. 

Mark, Adam and Sandra Parker (Photo courtesy of Amber Black)

Adam Parker- Fairview

Adam Parker is a 2021 graduate of Fairview High School and will be joining the Army National Guard. He said of his decision, “I had wanted to go ever since I was a little kid.” He changed his mind last year, as the former Fairview Aggie football player had plans of playing college football, but he explained, “The workout routine, you have to really commit and do nothing but football. I’ve always wanted to do the military and decided that this was my chance, so I did it.” 

His decision to join the National Guard was the best fit for Parker. He said, “It’s got the most opportunities and the best for me. I talked to all the recruiters really, but the National Guard seems like the best fit for me.” 

Parker will be pursuing aviation mechanics. He will be leaving for basic training in Mississippi in July and once completed, he will drill in Montgomery. He said, “I go and sign this Sunday and I have 30 days after I sign to be shipped off.” He hopes all the summer football practices will leave him better prepared for the summer basic training. 

Parker added, “My parents, Mark and Sandra Parker, and my football coaches George Redding Jr., Ricky McDonald, Brian Simmons, Trett Hardman, Josh Davis, Mason Black and Brett Garner–all of them are the ones that put time in me to make me better. They are the ones that brought me to who I am.” 

(Photo courtesy of Nick Overton)

Nick Overton- West Point High School 

Nick Overton is a 2021 graduate of West Point High School and will be heading to basic training with the United States Army in the near future. Although when and where he will leave for basic has yet to be decided, Overton knows he wants to be a diesel mechanic. 

Overton said of his decision to join the Army, “My interest with the military probably started around the sixth grade. The Army was the first to contact me and not take forever.” He said that he had considered joining the National Guard, but ultimately chose to enlist in the Army. 

He continued, “I want to thank my parents for supporting my decision to join the Army. I would also like to thank the West Point High School staff for pushing me to be my best every day.” 

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