Cullman Caring for Kids faces food supply shortfalls as summer approaches

CCK’s new Mobile Food Bank gets more food to more people, but places increasing strain on the agency’s supply. (Photo courtesy of CCK)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Cullman Caring for Kids, a child abuse prevention agency best known around the area for its food bank, is about to enter one of its busiest times of the year as kids come home from school for the summer. As he looks toward a period of increasing demand for its food resources, CCK Director Javon Daniel revealed that his regular sources of supply, like the North Alabama Food Bank, are not currently able to provide the amounts of food they have in the past. 

Daniel told The Tribune, “We always have an increased need during the summer months because kids are out of school. There are more meals being eaten at home, and we just want to make sure that there’s food there for them to eat. 

“Our shelves are very low because of some of the logistical issues. The food bank in Huntsville is not getting as much USDA food. They’re not getting as much donated food and so, therefore, when we go to Huntsville, we’re not able to get as much food as we normally get. Normally, we go once a month and we bring back 10 to 12 pallets-I’m talking 2,000 pound pallets of food-and the last time we went, we brought back six pallets, and two of those were half pallets. 

So we know that the need is here, and we’re just asking folks: if you want to do a food drive or if you’d like to make a donation, please bring it by our office. Or if it’s a substantial amount, if you’ll call us, we will come and pick it up. Monetary donations are very welcome, because we can normally buy for less than what you would pay in the grocery stores.” 

Daniel concluded, “We need your help, and we need you help so that we can be better prepared to help with the increase this summer.” 

Get involved 

Daniel said that CCK has immediate needs for kids’ favorites like peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese and breakfast cereals, as well as family staples like dried beans, rice, canned meats and ready-to-eat pasta meals, dry pasta and spaghetti/tomato sauce, canned vegetables and more. 

Daniel noted the pantry will take “anything food-wise.” 

CCK does not waste any contribution received from the community. To find out more about giving groceries or to make an online monetary donation, visit or or call 256-739-1111. 

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