Cullman Savings Bank Foundation presents scholarships to 26 area students

Cullman Savings Bank Foundation representatives and local educators gather with scholarship recipients and their families following the foundation’s awards luncheon Thursday. (Photo courtesy of T.J. Franey, CCBOE)

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Cullman Savings Bank Foundation on Thursday presented scholarships to 26 area students, including 17 first-time recipients and nine returning recipients. 
Cullman Savings Bank President John Riley told The Tribune, “The bank’s been around for 134 years and, somewhere around 2002, we created the Bank Foundation to put some of our profits into the foundation and give to the community that we’ve been involved in for so many years. And as we gave to different community projects, we slowly got involved in giving one student scholarship, and we saw the effect it had on their life. 

“And we’re constantly looking for bang for our buck; that’s what we’re looking for, and that was one of the things that we were all so encouraged by. We gave two or three scholarships the next year. Getting involved with Wallace State was a wonderful thing, and the county school system and city school system were all excited about it. So it’s just been a great thing for us to get involved in, to put our money into to see the benefit in those people’s lives.” 

In addition to 26 scholarship awards totaling $47,000, 2021 and 2020 (when no awards luncheon was held) recipients received a laptop computer, and 2019 recipients- who had previously received computers or other big-ticket gifts related to their programs of study- received AirPods Pro wireless earbuds and charging stations. 

2021 scholarship recipients 

  • Clay Copeland, Vinemont High School 
  • Emily Cheatwood, Vinemont High School 
  • Addie Eddleman, Fairview High School 
  • Jasper Johnson, Good Hope High School 
  • Karie Johnson, Good Hope High School 
  • Katie Landreth, Way Home Christian School 
  • Shelbie Olinger, Holly Pond High School 
  • Austin Riddle, Vinemont High School 
  • Maggie Rodriquez, Hanceville High School 
  • Brody Sams, West Point High School 
  • Sylus Sartin, Home School  
  • Parker Sellers, Holly Pond High School – 2021 Mike Duke Scholarship 
  • Cannon Trimble, Cullman High School 
  • Rhianna Tysinger, Cullman High School 
  • Lily Weissend, Wallace State 
  • Gabriel Whaley, Hanceville High School 
  • Jaden Whaley, Cullman High School 

 2020 Returning Recipients 

  • Alisha Grimmett, Wallace State 
  • Hanna Hancock, Wallace State 
  • Josie Harbison, Wallace State 
  • Morgan Haynes, Wallace State 
  • Jacob McCaffrey, Wallace State 

 2019 Returning Recipients 

  • Francisco Ayala, Wallace State 
  • Eva Tess Duke, Wallace State 
  • Chase Dupree, Wallace State 
  • Hannah Silvers, Wallace State 

Cullman County Schools Special Projects Coordinator Dr. T.J. Franey said, “A big thank you to Cullman Savings Bank and the Cullman Savings Bank Foundation for making a difference in the lives of so many students.  Students across Cullman County received scholarships from the Cullman Savings Bank Foundation through a partnership with Wallace State Community College’s Future Foundation. 

“Dr. Barnette reminded the students that Cullman County Schools is here to help even after graduation and challenged those students to come back and tell their stories to and encourage the next generation of students. Thank you to Cullman Savings Bank and the WSCC Future Foundation for making a difference.” 

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