Wallace State to send $2 million to students in stimulus payments

(Photo from Facebook)

HANCEVILLE, Ala.–Wallace State Community College is distributing approximately $2 million to students taking college credit classes. Students who are enrolled in credit-bearing classes for the spring 2021 semester and who qualify under the federal Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA) will receive a stimulus payment. The grant allocation will also include high school students taking classes at Wallace State through the Dual Enrollment Program. More than 4,320 students are qualified for the award. The payments will range from approximately $370 to $550, in a distribution that will provide the greatest good to the greatest number. There is no need for students to contact the college, as Wallace State will use existing spring 2021 enrollment information to determine who qualifies. However, students should read and respond to any emails they receive from Wallace State regarding stimulus payment details. The stimulus grant is provided by the United States Department of Education for any component of a student’s cost of attendance. Students may use the money for expenses including tuition, food, housing, course material, technology, healthcare and childcare.

“We are grateful to be able to provide these funds to our Wallace State students,” said Dr. Vicki Karolewics, Wallace State president. “We know that this crisis has disrupted the lives of all of our students and made the burden to make ends meet while attending college even more challenging for many. Our students truly are to be commended for prioritizing their education, especially now, and we are delighted to return some of that investment to them in the form of this stimulus. We hope they will continue their studies at Wallace State.”

As a Caring Campus, Wallace State has added free services and resources, available virtually and on campus, to assist students and to help them succeed during the pandemic and beyond – everything from mental health counseling, laptop loans, success advising, a free food pantry and more.

Priority registration for summer semester began April 13. Summer classes are available on campus and online, day, evening and weekend.  Summer semester includes a full 10-week term beginning May 26, and two 5-week mini terms beginning May 26 and July 6, as well as flex start, adult education, continuing education and workforce training classes. To register, or for more information visit www.wallacestate.edu, call 256-352-8000, or email lioncentral@wallacestate.edu.