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Easter! That time of year when we shift back to spending more time outside and enjoying all the wonderful things an Alabama spring has to offer. Birds are chirping, flowers and trees are blooming and warmer temperatures return. It’s time for the kiddos to get outside and explore. This year, stuff those Easter baskets with items to help motivate kids to get up and get outside. Here are a few Easter basket ideas that might help. 

Rock painting kits

These inexpensive kits usually only cost between $5-$15 and can be found at many local shops and businesses. These kits will bring out your child’s inner artist while motivating him or her to get outside and hide rocks for others to find. It’s also a wonderful way for children to spread positive vibes and bring joy to whomever finds them. 

Sidewalk chalk

Chances are that last year’s sidewalk chalk has seen better days. A new box of various colors is always an exciting surprise for youngsters. Besides the traditional colors, there are neon and glitter chalk sets available. Most containers of chalk are less than $10 and will keep kids busy outside for hours. 

Fairy garden kits

These magical miniature gardens will bring out your child’s imagination and creativity. While parents are outside tending to gardens and flower beds, why not have children create a space of their own? Kits vary in prices from $15-$60, with many great DIY ideas to be explored. 

Passback football

This new football is a cool way for kids to practice their passing and catching skills even when others aren’t around. Its unique shape allows the ball to bounce back when thrown against a hard surface. It comes in various sizes, is available at most sporting goods stores and costs only around $20. 

Toy lawn mowers

This classic favorite has come a long way. Many are so detailed, they look just like the ones adults use to mow, and kids will love helping in the yard. It’s also a great way to get yard work done while keeping an eye on the kids. Basic child mowers start at around $15. Child wheelbarrows and other yard necessities are also a great idea. 

Bug hunting kits

There are a variety of kits available for the young entomologist in your family. Most come with a net to catch specimens and a small habitat that allows your child to safely observe his or her discoveries. Some kits include other tools including binoculars, a magnifying glass and insect guides. Kits are usually less than $30. 

Tree and leaf identification kits

These are a great way to explore the yard or the many great parks around Cullman. Kids will feel a great sense of accomplishment as they find and identify the beautiful trees and leaves in our area and gain a great appreciation for nature in the process. Kits range in price starting at less than $20. 

Giant bubble wands

Kids of all ages will enjoy creating enormous bubbles with one of the many bubble wand kits available. The world of bubbles has evolved from the simple bottle with the tiny wand. Besides the fun of giant bubbles, you might also find bubble kits, bubble blowers and other novelty bubble toys. Prices range from less than $10 and up. 

LED light-up badminton set

Badminton just got a lot cooler and colorful thanks to this new two-player set. The kit include two LED rackets and two LED birdies with multicolored lights. Batteries are required and the kits start at $13 at

Glow in the dark and LED Frisbees

A new twist on an old favorite, Frisbees now come in both glow-in-the-dark and LED-style fun. Kids will definitely want to stay outside a little bit longer to toss around these glowing and colorful discs. These Frisbees come in many varieties ranging in price from $7 to $30.

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Christy Perry